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Leafs Rumours & Speculation / Re: Armchair GM 2021-2022: Catharsis
« on: June 12, 2021, 10:02:46 PM »
Bring Naz home.

Campbell has to stop that. 

It’s a turnover from Dermott but after all the saves from Price

It was off Bogo. Stupid turn over. Just move it up the ice. Not on Campbell.

Leafs are cursed. I say they lose Game 7.

Leafs controlling play. I'm worried if they don't end this it's going to be a bad finish for them.

Galch almost did it again!! My heart

I'm worried about Campbell in OT. I don't know why.  Please give Leaf fans something to be happy about.

Marner with the redemption goal. Here's hoping.

OK win it this time. Don't waste the effort.

Well don’t say I haven’t complained about the makeup of this team. Some just don’t see it. Message to the next GM find some players with some balls and passion and get rid of these coaches who seem reluctant to change.
Time to block you was much better when you weren't here.

Why do you think only your opinion matters? No one cares who you block.

Haha haha. How does Manner miss that? Did daddy make a bet for the Leafs to lose?

Team is too fragile. Marner needs to go this off season. Too any old guys on this team not contributing in the playoffs.

Bring back Spezza. Thornton and Simmonds can F off.

Matthews should run through Price there when he's getting pushed like that. Why honour of your way to avoid contact?

I wish I bought a ticket to this game so I could boo them.

problem, Campbell wasn't really trying to get back when the goal was scored. Not confident about this one.
And that's why I was saying. What is he doing? He took himself out of position

LOL. OK coach. If it wasn't for Campbell this game is long gone.

I'm done with this team. Seriously. This is insane.

Give that man his 10 million dollars!

Well worth it.

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