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I sure hope that brutal giveaway by Marner doesn't cost us home ice at some point in the playoffs.

Not going to have home ice if we get to the Semi-finals anyway.  They will definitely be played in the USA, and probably all games at the other teams arena.

Muzzin HM Tavares

Mention to Foligno

Demerits to Marner & Rielly (both -3)

Marner HM Campbell

Mention to Muzzin Nylander Tavares Matthews Engvall Hutton

Demerit Andersen (losing in S/O today)

Marner HM Tavares

Mention to Matthews Muzzin Galchenyuk Nylander Rielly

Demerit Noesen (Ruined a perfectly great Mikheyev shot - poor guy can't buy a goal)

Matthews HM Rielly

Mention to Brodie

Demerit to Marner and Keefe (for not putting out your best faceoff guy(s) to kill off the last minute - he tried to give Matthews a chance at the empty net instead and it backfired)

Matthews HM Campbell

Mention to Brooks Marner Nylander Galchenyuk Thornton

Demerit Tavares (leaving his man on the only Canucks goal)

Marner HM Sandin

Mention to Simmonds Nylander Matthews Brodie Engvall

Demerit None (maybe the Equipment Manager - hasn't yet changed Rittich's red to blue)

Campbell HM Matthews

Mentions to Brooks Thornton Spezza Rielly Marner Nylander Muzzin

Demerit Galchenyuk (for bad penalty) if I had to pick one.

Thornton HM Marner

Mention to Sandin, Tavares, Campbell, Simmonds, Holl

Demerit Rielly (we need the good Rielly back, for the playoffs)

63 points with 9 games left.  Calgary at 41 points with 11 games left.  Leafs can clinch the playoffs if the Flames don’t win tomorrow

Vancouver can still technically catch the Leafs too, so I don't think they can clinch just yet.  But soon!

The Leafs are one point away from clinching the playoff, as Calgary and Vancouver play each other 4 times.  They would both need to win every game to tie us.

Marner HM Matthews

Mention to Sandin Tavares Spezza Campbell Thornton Brooks Simmonds

Demerit Muzzin Galchenyuk (both -1)

Main Leafs Hockey Talk / Re: Leafs 2021 Schedule in 8 game chunks
« on: April 21, 2021, 12:15:05 AM »
Not looking good for green in this chunk.

Tavares, Nylander

Mention to Brooks Sandin

Demerit "Big 5-Hole Dave" Rittich

Nylander HM Tavares

Mention to Hyman Matthews

Demerit especially to Campball, Muzzin, and rest of the Team - Fire Malhotra already!

Tavares HM Galchenyuk

Mention to Robertson Mikheyev Rittich (for keeping the game decent)

Demerit Campbell Marner Holl Muzzin

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