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2022 World Junior Championships

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--- Quote from: Frank E on December 29, 2021, 02:33:05 PM ---I wonder if Canada plays tonight?

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Hearing from Edmonton… the 2022 World Junior Championship has been canceled.— Emily Kaplan (@emilymkaplan) December 29, 2021
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So, no?

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I guess not.

Report: 2022 World Junior Championship canceled amid rising COVID cases

The fact that there wasn't even an attempt at a true bubble was just straight up insane. I'm so tired at the lack of competence and willpower here. My gf ran a quarantine hotel and none of the staff got sick. I don't have patience for this kind magical thinking anymore.


As with everything else Alberta has done since the pandemic began, this "plan" to hold the tournament basically seemed to be close your eyes and hope Covid just goes away.

Frank E:
The final tally is that the IIHF conducted more than 8,500 tests with 34 positives, a positivity rate of .004. Which, I think, is 25 to 30 times lower than the general public. But when 1 positive on a game day can shut down a whole team/cancel a game, well, any is too many. 🤷‍♂️— Bobby Margarita (@TSNBobMcKenzie) December 30, 2021
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Considering this, I think that the IIHF and Hockey Canada did a pretty good job of protecting and insulating the teams. 

Pulling the chute was the right call for the situation.

What IIHF and Edmonton can be blamed for skimping on the measures and protocols required to ensure the teams and the players were properly insulated from the public and one another in the event of a breakthrough. The environment they set up made all the players' and staff members' sacrifices of locking themselves down to play for naught.


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