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OEL and Garland traded to Vancouver

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Guilt Trip:

--- Quote from: herman on July 23, 2021, 05:55:20 PM ---I don't understand.

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He did it to save cap because of the threat of offer sheets but he still has to pay Garland but that can be later?? I hope someone offer sheets Hughes lol. I don't get it either.

Fun #Canucks fact: Every time the Canucks have made a trade involving the 9th overall pick, the GM was fired the following season.— Tyler Horsfall (@TheFlopFish) July 23, 2021
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I’m going to miss his shenanigans


I really like this trade for the Canucks. They're going to have a pretty good top 6 and I think OEL can regain something if he's not basically asked to be the best guy on the team night in and night out.

Go back and watch any video of Nylander stealing the puck of OEL in Arizona about 5 years back, just across the blue line in the neutral zone, taking the puck in and roofing it. Pure steal and score. OEL is overrated and not as good as ELO (by a country mile).

Frank E:
This deal looks like a great move by Vancouver.


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