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First visited the Dome in 2001 and it was feeling pretty old fashioned then. I know they did a lot of work since then, but it always didn?t quite feel right. Particularly having since been to several newer build parks. If they get the design right though it could be fantastic


--- Quote from: Rob on November 27, 2020, 01:46:42 PM ---So what we would they replace it with?  Open air or another dome?

The other domes seem to have worked out the kinks of growing grass under glass.  With our climate another dome makes sense but would cost over a billion dollars.

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I seem to remember in the early days sitting on the bench's at Exhibition Stadium in some pretty miserable weather for both the Jays and Argos.  Seems we survived it pretty well, although now that I am residing in an older guys body, I probably would appreciate some creature comforts.


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