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Report: Isles have no interest in Komisarek

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1. #isles likely not making a D deal unless falls in lap
2. no interest in Komisarek
3. see #1 and 2

I'm not sure how much credibility this guy has. I've bumped into his name a few times. I'd just consider it a rumour and a fyi.

The Isles have been bantered about on this site as a potential destination for Mike to help them hit their cap minimum.

They have a forward or two to sign and are only $2.1 mil (or so) shy.
Being so close, the cap minimum probably isn't much of an issue for them.

Slow time of year for Leafs news ....

Gallof is/was one of Eklund's bloggers for a while, so, take that for what it's worth. While I don't believe there's much chance of a Komisarek deal this summer, whether it be to the Isles or anyone else, I'd say this guy saying it's not going to happen holds about as much weight as you or I saying it's not going to happen.

I dont care who it is, its lame... unless you desperately below the cap floor,and you are looking for a dude that has a wife in LI..... oh nm....

Booooo...what's wrong with Wang?  Pick up Komisarek already!

I'd really love to see Komisarek get picked up for a forward. This seems almost impossible to me though.


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