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So Canada is in Pot 4 100% now?

Significantly Insignificant:
Not a bad group.  Canada will still be in tough to advance.


--- Quote from: Significantly Insignificant on April 01, 2022, 07:21:31 PM ---Not a bad group.  Canada will still be in tough to advance.

--- End quote ---
True, the commentators did say both Croatia and Belgium are older teams, so our speed could help us.  Really there are no easy groupings and we gotta be able to beat anybody.

TFC play to a 2-2 draw in Salt Lake on Saturday.  That is one beautiful venue, I have stayed over in Salt Lake on a few car trips and the mountain range is very dramatic backdrop to the city.
In any case two of our rookies scored their first MLS goals at the game.  Thompson and Jaden Nelson, both products of our development system and from the Toronto region.
And Nelsons goal was a beauty from long range.
We really are developing  a hotbed of talent especially from the Brampton/Bramalea region

I was at Wembley watching my team return to the English Premier League after a gap of 23 years.
Ex Toronto player in the EPL now - Layrea


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