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I would do it. I like Hamilton.

General Rumours & Speculation / Re: Armchair GM 2021-2022: Catharsis
« on: June 12, 2021, 10:08:50 PM »
Bring Naz home.
Hard pass...we don't need another playoff suspension and the trust is long gone.

I don’t care really but New York and Montreal both play suppressive hockey.  I don’t really care for success coming to teams that play a modern day version of the trap
Very good point.

I'm thinking Kadri will be finding a new home next season.

Maybe, though, I'm not sure he would have been a difference maker here.
He would have. In a series so tight you need all your guns going. He's their 2nd line centre and Kadri being out allowed Vegas to focus on the MacKinnon line and after the 1st game blowout, that's what they did.
MacKinnon had 2 assists in the last 4 games,(Vegas' victories). Rantanen had 2 goals 1 assist, Landeskog had 2 assists.
Anybody think the Leafs still lose if JT was in our lineup? Kadri hurt them just like he did with us 2 years in a row. I say he gets left unprotected for the draft.

I get cheering for the underdog but once the Leafs are gone I just want entertaining hockey. So I'm fine with ignoring any kind of dislike we're "supposed" to have against Montreal and New York but I still want to see Tampa and Vegas go at it in the Finals since it'll likely provide the highest levels of entertainment for when I do turn the games on.

Mostly same. I do want Montreal to get run-over to shut up the Habs fans I know, but, other than that, at this point, don't really care who else wins.
Same here. Don't really care who wins but like CTB said, would love to see Tampa and Vegas go at it.

I'm thinking Kadri will be finding a new home next season.

Much-maligned Martin Marincin makes masterful move.

He was better than he got credit for.
For the Marlies.


lol. At least Kadri feels remorse for costing his team playoff series'.

Is it remorse though if you keep doing it over and over and over?
It's stupidity.

We really want Jonathan Bernier back?  Really?

I wonder if we were a little harder on Bernier than we should have been. He had seasons with a .922 Sv%, 0.912, and then 0.908. And that worst year came during the tank-for-Matthews season so there's really nothing he could have done there. His save percentages... career, since the trade, and in the past couple seasons are pretty similar to Andersen's. And he's coming off a particularly good season with a bad Detroit team. He's not the top starter the team thought he might be when we acquired him all those years ago but he's rebounded as a pretty solid 1B type guy.

Not saying he'd be super high on my list since he might someone who has trouble playing on a team with a crazy fan base, just think he's a little underrated is all.
Reimer started 7 less games, had 1 less win and 9 less losses...his GAA was 2.48 to Bern's 2.88 ad his Sv% was 918 to Bern's 908 so he wasn't that good.
Hard pass on Bernier.

We really want Jonathan Bernier back?  Really?
No...Freddie before him. I'd like Driedger or Ullmark but he's going to cost some money.


lol. At least Kadri feels remorse for costing his team playoff series'.
And he def cost Wpg a chance at winning the series. Wonder what Kadri is going to say if Col gets knocked out.

Non-Hockey Chatter / Re: Coronavirus
« on: June 09, 2021, 12:43:47 PM »
My wife and I are getting our 2nd shot, will be Mrna either Moderna or Pfizer on the 26th, a Saturday, I noticed on the BC website that these centres are open every day. What a roll out, gotta say Canada has impressed me after a slow start.
For sure, they really turned it around. I heard today that people who've been fully vaccinated will no longer have to quarantine when they return from travel.

You're correct that finding someone that can come in on a 1a/1b rotation may be the best method or for that matter, the only method. But don't we already have that guy in Andersen?

If he ends up getting paid more like a 1a/1b goalie (by that I mean $3-4mil) I wouldn't be completely opposed to bringing him back. Depends what else is available.

Personally I think he sees the writing on the wall and will be looking elsewhere. Edmonton?
I think EDM or maybe Philly will pony up to get him.

If you could get Freddie back at under 4 on a 2 year you'd def have to be interested. Should be interesting after the drafts.

General Rumours & Speculation / Re: Armchair GM 2021-2022: Catharsis
« on: June 08, 2021, 04:21:42 PM »
To LAK: Mitch Marner (signing bonus paid, 4x 10.903M), Morgan Rielly (1x 5M)
To TOR: 2022 1st, Quinton Byfield, Akil Thomas, Olli Maataa, Matt Roy, whatever buriable spare parts they want to dump

Let's goooooooooo

Yes I know my proposed return is low. Throw in Turcotte or Vilardi. Or the recently signed Iafallo.
Iafallo would be nice.

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