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I was so attached to the outcome of the Leafs fortunes that it had a terrible affect on my mental well being.  After much introspection I learned that I can be a fan of the Leafs, enjoy the games and even enjoy the banter back and forth on this board, and not be attached to any particular outcome.  That non-attachment has allowed me to enjoy being a Leafs again, and be sane. 
I want the Leafs to win as bad as anyone here but it won't change my summer if they do or don't. The games are way more enjoyable this way.

General NHL News & Views / Re: 2020-2021 NHL Thread
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The Sabres are salivating at the thought of picking him in 2023.
I'm pretty sure he tied McDavid's U18 scoring record as a U15 with 16 points in the tournament.

In a few years, there's a decent chance we go from McDavid being obviously the best player on the planet to a debate as to whether or not he's the best Connor on the planet.
Bedard had 14 pts and tied McD. Matvei Michkov who is 7 months older then Bedard lead the tourney with 16 pts. Both look pretty amazing. It will be interesting to see how they both progress.

Peel has opened up Vaccines to anyone 18 and older so I don't see why they can't get theirs.

I don’t know how anyone can think this Habs team can beat this leafs team 4 times in 7 games. I know ‘anything can happen’ but come on.

In their sorta defence, they are missing arguably their 3 most valuable players in Price, Gallagher, and Weber (3 of 4 if you want to put Petry over Weber, which is maybe fair). All of them should be back for playoffs.

This better not be a quote that comes back to haunt me.
You new here? Of course it will!


Yeah, you really screwed up there.  Like, I'm a little worried now.

Does no one remember those Leaf - Sens series where it looked like the Sens had the better team but then the Leafs would come out and beat them.

Let's stop prognosticating and just wait for things to happen.
Yup, regular season means nothing.

I don’t know how anyone can think this Habs team can beat this leafs team 4 times in 7 games. I know ‘anything can happen’ but come on.
Carey Price is the only hope they have

Sandin, despite the giveaway.
Taps all around.

I mean I guess the game is over but this is possibly the worst pp I've ever watched. Holy shit. Why was nobody in front of Allen?
Like LK said they didn't try that hard on that one with a 3 goal lead.

Josh Anderson is one of the most weak players on his skates I've ever seen.
He's good at falling down

Hooking on the breakaway I guess isn’t a penalty?
On the replay he didn't hook him. I thought at first he did too.

Matthews gets dumped and nothing...
I was thinking that. Looked almost knee on knee.
Habs getting away with lots of crap

Matthews gets dumped and nothing...

What a joke..Habs tackle guys and nothing.

Let's all stand around.. Bad rebound..

Josh Anderson conveniently has Veseyitis
Man he goes down easy.

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