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General NHL News & Views / Re: 2021-2022 NHL Thread
« on: Today at 10:28:57 AM »
I'm glad another fanbase is hating on the habs.

I love this stuff, and the crowd booing Kotkaniemi before he scored.


Former Leafs: Ex-Files / Re: Zach Hyman
« on: Today at 09:45:17 AM »
Well. No matter how you phrase it, a ‘plan’ was made to allocate funds in the places best determined for success . So the plan may not have directly been laid out to rid the team of Hyman, there certainly was a plan that resulted in that outcome.

Sure but within that context just saying the Leafs are worse without Hyman is largely meaningless because, obviously, when cap constraints force a team to lose a good player, they'll get worse. You need to make the case that the team would be better with Hyman but without the players they would need to lose to make up the cap difference for. But even then, you also have to make the case that signing Hyman at the cap hit the Oilers gave him wasn't just a net positive but that signing him to 7 years at that price would be a wise decision.

We all liked Zach and would have loved to have kept him around but I don't think you can argue with the point that he just priced himself out of Toronto.

Dude pots a couple playing with the best player on the planet and now the Leafs are horrible.

The guy he played with last year is no slouch either...


Though I thought Ritchie had a $3.5M contract. Now that I see it's $2.5M, I'm more OK. As long as he doesn't actively lose games for us or stymie Matthews (is that possible?), I'm a big "meh." He can be moved to the 3rd or 4th lines.

I think we need to go a little easy on Ritchie.  That line killed it against the Rangers, and Matthews wouldn't let anyone else shoot the puck.

All Ritchie needs to learn how to do is to make sure Marner and Matthews have the puck, and I think that happened well enough in his first real game playing with them.

Some people have been super hard on his start and the points aren't there and admittedly sure he isn't playing at his absolute best, but I still think he could have pretty easily had goals in each of his first 3 games if some bounces went just a tiny bit more his way. The 4th game was a little different because that was all Matthews but if Auston finished on one of his chances he could have had additional points there. So all in all I don't think there's much to worry about with Marner right now.

I think we should hit the panic button.

Main Leafs Hockey Talk / Re: The "Mr. T" Man of the Match 2021-22 Edition
« on: October 19, 2021, 10:05:45 AM »

Any word on the backup goalie?

There's a kid on the local pee wee team that had a good start to his season, and apparently Dubas is making an ATO pitch to him at 3:30pm when he gets home from school.

Agreed. Would like to see the slow starts be a thing of the past

We've been saying that for years.

This is true.

At least one of the nice things is Spezza still looks good.  He's at 972 points now so have a really good chance to get to 1000 points this year.

I was thinking last night that Spezza is a guy that looks like he's really trying to change the momentum of the game...the rest of the forwards just seemed to be following the play around.

If they're going to lean on 47 year old Spezza to lead the charge, they're going to have a problem.

Last night's lack of controlling the game was reminiscent of the Montreal playoff series' last 3 games.

Main Leafs Hockey Talk / Re: The "Mr. T" Man of the Match 2021-22 Edition
« on: October 15, 2021, 09:34:24 AM »

I expect the Leafs to come out better tonight with the home crowd advantage.



lol we got a powerplay from that?

At that point they had handed the habs 4 straight power plays and a couple were pretty chintzy tripping calls.

I'll allow that chintzy call on Anderson.

Main Leafs Hockey Talk / Re: The "Mr. T" Man of the Match 2021-22 Edition
« on: October 14, 2021, 09:30:13 AM »

Pierre, why…?

I'll tell you something...I absolutely went through the roof when he iced that puck.

I got up and did a lap around the couch to settle down. 

All I could smell was a loss in overtime...same old Leafs. 

I don't think the habs are pushovers at all...but maybe the goaltending sucks at the moment.

And not having Matthews' goal/game in the lineup is a big problem for the Leafs.

They're really going to need to hit on 2 or 3 of Ritchie, Kase, Bunting, and Kampf, if they're going to make big noise this year.

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