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Well good for Cole Caufield scoring an OT winner.  Now every other word will be about him on Monday
Good for the kid. Pretty sad coverage there by the Sens. Well they're only 2 points behind the Jets now.

Beautiful goal!  So we might be playing Winnipeg huh?...

I'm not really that jazzed about Brooks as a player but good things really do seem to keep happening when he's on the ice.

Joe tho.

Yeah, where's Ehlers when you need him.  I am hoping Thornton will have the fire for 16 wins in the playoffs.

I don’t think this is their best game, but there’s a kind of relentless about the Leafs play. The way they can set up in the zone and cycle and grind. It’s highly impressive.

Meanwhile at the back Campbell looks calm and collected to deal with things when that breaks down.

I like the way the team is relentless in most of the games.  The 3rd goal gives some breathing room.

Well the forward depth should mean that Robertson won't be back this year sliding his contract with only 1 game left to trigger it.   He wasn't tearing it up so it doesn't make sense.

Well they have shown what they can win when the Canadiens are missing Price and Gallagher.  I believe they can beat them with those 2 players as well.

So the Habs would be 10th in the East right now...maybe they aren’t the best team in the North division

Only have winning records against Edmonton and Vancouver. They’d be near the bottom of the league in a normal year.
It is nonetheless my understanding that Bergevin won GM of the Year back in January.

LOL!!!  That's GOLD!

I was thinking about that a bit a go but you presented the hype so much better than I could.

I love this Jumbo Joe!!  This is what I was looking for while he was being a happy huggy bear.

All season I've been thinking about that incident with Kadri a few years ago, wondering when that Joe was gonna show. I think he's here, just in time for the playoffs.

It's nice to see the Leafs dish out some physical punishment for a change. And win, of course.

Agree.  100%

I was thinking about Kadri but also I remember watching a game between San Jose and Pittsburgh and Thornton did the 'Ehlers' to Sid and they were slashing each other, crosschecking each other, etc and took Sid out of that game as well.

Just amazing galaxy brain veteran savvy by Thornton and Simmonds to take out Ehlers and Dubois from the rest of the game when the Jets are trailing. *chef's kiss on those trade-offs

I was thinking the exact same thing.  What a trade off. 2 of our 4th liners for 2 of their top offensive players.  Wow!  I will take that everyday of the week.

I love this Jumbo Joe!!  This is what I was looking for while he was being a happy huggy bear.

The Leafs are going to be the most skilled and tough than I have ever seen

Is now when I should post that I am done posting here and not watching any more games?
I'm kind of wondering if there is any point to watching anymore games (until the playoffs) since we don't seem to have a goalie anymore. Curious to see what Foligno brings, so I suppose I'll be tuning in to the next game for that.

Me too.  If it wasn't for Foligno I wouldn't be watching until the playoffs.  I assume they are still going to make them.

On a brighter note... Sandin has good vision out there.

I thought he looked great


Is now when I should post that I am done posting here and not watching any more games?

My wife and I are watching this past midnight here in Moncton and she was trying to cheer the Leafs on while I was evolving from frustration to laughter by how bad it is

EDIT: Susan and I were trying to remember how many years ago it was that we met you at the hockey rink for a beverage and snack...

Can't win with crap between the pipes.

Pile it high enough?

LOL!  I was thinking the same thing.    ;D


Maybe not, but that's why I propose trying it now to see if it might work. If he's on a line with two grinder types (Tavares and Foligno) it might open up room for him to make good use of his skillset.

When does/did Robertson burn the slide year off his contract?  10 games this year?

NVM, I just found that it has been pro-rated this year to 7 games and Robertson has played in 5 already meaning he has 2 left

Does that mean he is allowed to play 7 and when he plays in that 8th game, he burns the year?

I  know all this stuff matters to some degree, but if the Leafs consider this a "go for it" year, I don't think they can worry too much about that. If Robertson makes the team better (which I think is yet to be determined), they should just play him in a meaningful role. Not 5 minutes a night on the 4th line.

Previously it would mean that once he hit's his 7th game he burns a year hence in a typical season the media makes a big deal about a rookie playing his 10th game but I honestly don't know.

I agree with you though that if he is needed as a difference maker than play him.  If he is trying to acclimate to playing with men instead of teenagers then I would send him down to the AHL and let Engvall play instead.

If he doesn't burn a full season then his ELC ending would coincide with contracts ending for Matthews, Nylander, Muzzin and Brodie.  That's why I would prefer to send Robertson down and play Engvall, Petan, Agostino, etc instead.  Next season he could be put in and out of the lineup ad nauseum and it would affect anything team-wise with the salaries or contracts. 

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