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RIP Guy Lafleur

Started by Heroic Shrimp, April 22, 2022, 07:21:28 AM

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Heroic Shrimp

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Again, never had a chance to watch him but his name always floated around as one of the greats. Gone too soon.
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Man. Last week Bossy and now Lafleur. RIP hockey legends!
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I remember Guy speeding down his wing always with his hair streaming behind him.  Great player. RIP.
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Peter D.

Some of my earliest childhood hockey memories are of Lafleur playing at the Forum and Le Colisee rocking those iconic Canadiens and Nordiques jerseys, hair flowing as he'd breeze down the wing.

Lafleur today.  Bossy last week.  Both hockey legends gone well before their time.  Really crummy to see/hear. 


Lafleur, another great player that tormented me as a Leafs fan. Gone way too soon, all my Habs fan friends worshipped Lafleur. RIP