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Quote from: herman on July 18, 2024, 03:57:33 PMhttps://twitter.com/mapleleafs/status/1814033710821618079

I always found it weird that scouting positions, amateur and professional, never seemed to be something that the Leafs historically just threw insane amounts of money toward in order to poach proven and established individuals away from other teams. This isn't quite the same as scooping up Joe McDonnell, Dallas' own director of amateur scouting, but it's pretty close I guess. Good hire.
As kind of an aside I remember watching playoffs this year and being absolutely blown away that Tyler Seguin was killing penalties on a regular basis for Dallas.
Quote from: cabber24 on July 16, 2024, 02:04:03 PMI wasn't overly surprised that Matthews kept piling up goals without Marner. I also don't think superstars should kill penalties. Never heard of an 8 figure forward that kills penalties. Save your superstar ice time for offense. Yes, everyone needs to play responsible defensive hockey but we need our stars scoring not killing penalties.

Well Florida just won a Cup with Reinhart and Barkov being 3-4 in TOI among forwards on the PK for them in the regular season and playoffs.

Now maybe we could manage Marner's minutes a little bit better on the PK and maybe not play him on the top unit, but it feels like that's been done more out of necessity than anything recently. But I don't agree he (or Matthews) shouldn't kill penalties at all. Most superstars might not kill penalties but most of them also aren't Selke calibre forwards.
I would pay to watch a 2-hour movie detailing whatever the heck happened to Huberdeau. Like yeah systems, teammates, cities all changed but to go from a guy who was 4th in the league in scoring over a 4-year period (behind only McDavid, Draisaitl, Kane) to immediately just becoming a 50-point guy feels unheard of.
Quote from: herman on July 12, 2024, 04:31:45 PMhttps://twitter.com/dalter/status/1811870845469348160
This kind of draws more attention to the wrong thing than otherwise.

Nah, f THN. Why did they think this warranted a story? Don't they have any other quotes from others peoples podcasts to steal or instagram photos from Leafs players to repost? That publication is literally being driven into the ground.
Quote from: Dappleganger on July 12, 2024, 12:02:28 PMIt's ok fellas, I got the superb lineup to start next season:

Domi - Matthews - Robertson
Jarnkrok - Nylander - Marner
Knies - Tavares - McMann
Dewar - Kampf - Holmberg

If I had full control this is (mostly) what I'd do with the top-9. Only change would be doing Knies-Matthews-Domi on the top line and have Robertson/Cowan compete for the LW3 spot. Or if you want to build the Tavares L3 line as one that focuses a little more on defensive match-ups put Jarnkrok there instead.

I know there's lot of people out there thinking that Nylander playing C is a fantasy-land idea, but I mean the teams GM himself literally wanted to see it a year ago. Kinda funny Keefe told him he'd try it out (while semi-interviewing to keep his job) and then just didn't do it. I guess we'll see if Treliving got a coach who actually agrees with him this time.
Quote from: louisstamos on July 12, 2024, 11:00:12 AMI'm actually pretty okay trying Jarnkrok at 3C, considering that's where he played when Nashville went to the Stanley Cup Finals.  In fact, IIRC, I'm pretty sure he was matched up against Crosby for most of that series.

Was curious, so looked this up. Mike Fisher was the centre who actually spent the most amount of time vs. Crosby in that series for Nashville. In about 34 (5-on-5) minutes against Fisher the Pens outscored Nashville 4-1. Jarnkrok spent about 21 (5-on-5) minutes vs. Crosby and the goals were 0-0.

With that said, that was a long, long, time ago now and for whatever reason Jarnkrok seems to have been playing less and less C ever since then. He mostly played wing in his last couple years with Nashville. Played wing with Seattle after they claimed him in the expansion draft. Did go back to C when Calgary/Treliving traded for him at the deadline in 2022. But went back to wing mostly with the Leafs after that.

So it might be fair to say he's best suited for wing at this point in his career. But at the same time the Leafs are obviously kinda desperate. Last season a 19-year old Minten wasn't suited to play 3C. Neither was Kampf. Neither was Domi. Neither was Holmberg. But they all got extended looks at the position despite that. If the Leafs are planning on just repeating that experiment this season then Jarnkrok at least should get thrown into the rotation at some point to try him out.
Quote from: cw on July 12, 2024, 09:29:59 AMMcMann (he came up as a center)

I'm not certain this is true. I'm almost 100% sure he never played centre with the Marlies. In general I just don't ever recall hearing that he did and it's somewhat easy to scan through old Marlies line-up notes throughout the years and in every season he played I can only find him lining up on the wing. There aren't as many line-up notes from his NCAA days but again the only ones I can find have him listed as a winger in them.

Also I mean even if he played a bit of C in college, everything about his game just screams winger to me.
Quote from: princedpw on July 11, 2024, 10:29:47 AMWhat about Jarnkrok?  Something like

Knies - Matthews - Domi
McMann - Tavares - Marner
Robertson/Holmberg - Jarnkrok - Nylander
Dewar - Kampf - Holmberg/Reaves

Basically Holmberg/Jarnkrok can rotate at center in the D zone.  Nylander could also take some faceoffs.

Yeah I'd play Jarnkrok at 3C before a lot of other options. I know he's played C at numerous times throughout his career, but was almost never really seen as a C option as a Leaf (which was always a little surprising to me). The fact that they rotated through a bunch of mediocre options last season without giving him a shot kinda says something. But again, new perspective with Berube coming in so it's not entirely off the table sure.
Quote from: Frank E on July 11, 2024, 09:44:08 AMDo we think Holmberg can play C in the NHL at this point?

No, but he played there in the playoffs so I kinda just think he's the betting favourite as of right now.

Although it's really hard to guess with a new coach and hopefully a very fresh perspective on the players coming in.
Quote from: herman on July 11, 2024, 09:33:18 AM
Quote from: CarltonTheBear on July 11, 2024, 09:31:00 AMI think I would almost rather see anybody at 3C alongside Nylander than Kampf (ok also Reaves) at this point.

Knies-Holmberg-Nylander could cook. Nylander can help on the right side draws. It just makes the 4th line very overpaid.

In terms of likelihood I would rank the possible 3C's to start the season as: 1) Holmberg (ugh), 2) Domi (ok), 3) Minten (meh), 4) Tavares (w/ Nylander at 2C the unquestionably best option), and of course 5) Kampf (ugh).

edit: I'd probably rather even see Dewar given a shot at 3C over Kampf right now.
I think I would almost rather see anybody at 3C alongside Nylander than Kampf (ok also Reaves) at this point.
Quote from: Zee on July 09, 2024, 12:34:28 PM
Quote from: Rob on July 09, 2024, 12:20:41 PMThank you Wes for leaving the perennial cup contender Maple Leafs with cupboards stocked to the brim with sure fire prospects. 

Yeah I joked about this but where's the evidence that Wes Clark is some drafting guru?  He was with the Leafs since 2018 and the notable players players picked are Knies and Cowan.  He was also on board for Sandin and Durzi, but that's about it in 6 years of drafts. 

We hope Cowan is something but there's no guarantee of that, Knies looks like a really good player and a great pick especially considering he wasn't even a 1st rounder.  Drafting is such a crapshoot outside the top 10-15 players in most cases so whatever.

Clark has only actually led the last 3 draft efforts. John Lilley, now with the Rangers, was in that role from 2021 a bunch of years prior. Clark has also generally been credited with pushing for Knies in the 2021 draft even if he wasn't fully in charge at that point. So yeah it's a little early to really say he's a god-tier drafter or anything but from just the past 3 years there's been a lot of picks that have in hindsight been pretty good. Especially since the 22 and 23 drafts didn't exactly have a lot of picks to use.
My biggest criticism of Dubas (and Dubasites apparently) is how much they buy into these life guru/inspirational speaker type things.
Honestly I kinda expected him to head to Pittsburgh even earlier than this. He was very much a Dubas-guy through and through. Hired him on 3 different occasions. Well 4 now. Guess it's good we at least got a couple of extra drafts out of him.