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McKenzie says Leafs are out on Bogosian now. Chances of moving Barrie definitely increased but they’re looking for a Shattenkirk (from the Blues) kinda return— Ryan (@ryanfancey) February 23, 2020
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“In a word, yes...”

The #TradeCentre Hockey Insiders on whether Saturday's fiasco for the  Maple Leafs alters their trade deadline philosophy:  #TSNHockey— TSN Hockey (@TSNHockey) February 23, 2020
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Wait who is waiting to give us a Shatty for Barrie?

Edit: I clearly read that wrong. Looking for a Shatty return.

Frank E:
I always get Bogosian and Pietrangelo confused...probably because they were drafted one after the other.

Significantly Insignificant:

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--- Quote from: CarltonTheBear on February 23, 2020, 05:06:28 PM ---Talks are on-going between the #Canucks and Leafs for Barrie, let’s see where this ends up.— Rick Dhaliwal (@DhaliwalSports) February 23, 2020
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David Pagnotta says the Leafs are looking for a first round pick and a high prospect that they can ultimately swap out with Kapanen, whose name is popping up, for a long term solution.— Editor in J (@Account4hockey) February 23, 2020
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For the record I would be very happy to be wrong about Barrie's trade value.

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Only Jim Benning would give up a first and good prospect for Barrie. Unless it's a trade + sign that makes 0 sense for the Canucks

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It wouldn't be a first for this year.  Benning gave that up in the Miller trade

With Florida looking to cut salary next year after splashing out (way too much) for Bobrovsky (and almost Panarin) and Quenneville, what say we do them a favour and help them out of Ekblad’s deal.


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