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Allegations Against Junior Hockey

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--- Quote from: herman on June 25, 2020, 10:39:54 AM ---https://www.tsn.ca/whl-investigating-abuse-claims-by-former-player-1.1489379

More fuel for the fire

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It really is sickening. I heard these stories when I was playing. Some of them downright disturbing.
I never played in the junior ranks as I walked away after Midget, but it started when I began playing AAA hockey in Bantam. The fringe players were abused by the "stars". I felt it when people urinated in my hat and such when I was an under-ager on a major Bantam team.  Part of my dislike of the sport at that point was caused by these behaviours. I knew I wasn't going to the "show" so why should I take part in, watch, or fall victim to these behaviours.


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