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2019-2020 NFL Thread

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The  new season began this past weekend as the NFL celebrates it’s 100th year.

Defending Super Bowl Champions New England Patriots opened Sunday at home vs Ben Rothlisberger & the Pittsburgh Steelers.  Pats QB Tom Brady started where he left off as his Patriots crushed Pittsburgh 33-3.

Will Brady & his Patriots win yet another record-breaking  Super Bowl?  Or, will this be the season that KC Chiefs QB Patrick Mahomes leads his team to SB glory?

Many believe the Cleveland Browns are poised for a breakout year, and that QB Aaron Rodgers  and his Green Bay Packers are due for a better playoff run.  How about Drew Bree’s and the Saints?  Last year’s SB finalists the L.A. Rams?

Anything can happen, such as QB Nick Foles whose early season came tumbling down as he suffered a broken clavicle in his debut on Saturday, while his Jacksonville Jaguars suffered  a 40-26  loss to Mahomes’ Chiefs.  Talk about bad luck.  Ugh-ly!

NFL preview:

Brady bids New England adieu...

LOVE YOU PATS NATION pic.twitter.com/lxSQZmnjPL— Tom Brady (@TomBrady) March 17, 2020
--- End quote ---

Tribute to Brady

The Patriots say thank you to TB12.

(via @Patriots) pic.twitter.com/aemtAbzBVd— ESPN (@espn) March 17, 2020
--- End quote ---

For the record:

Tom Brady had an incredible 20-year run with New England 👏

🔺 6x Super Bowl winner
🔺 4x Super Bowl MVP
🔺 3x Regular-Season MVP
🔺 2nd All-time pass yards
🔺 2nd All-time pass TD
🔺 1st All-time wins
🔺 14x Pro Bowl Selection pic.twitter.com/ktbLTGat7X— ESPN (@espn) March 17, 2020
--- End quote ---

Brady expected to sign with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers:

Tom Brady is expected to land with the Buccaneers barring any unforeseen circumstances, per @AdamSchefter and @JeffDarlington. pic.twitter.com/N5JnWObhY7— ESPN (@espn) March 17, 2020
--- End quote ---

And here it is: the Redskins are undergoing a thorough review of the team’s name.

And let’s be clear: There’s no review if there’s no change coming.

Redskins on way out. pic.twitter.com/ZrS3cCvhMg— Adam Schefter (@AdamSchefter) July 3, 2020
--- End quote ---

Interesting to see if this is isolated or is the first in a series of dominos that eventually applies to the Indians, Braves and Blackhawks.


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