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The Clarkson Cup, the CWHL (Canadian Womens Hockey League) championship, won by the U.S-based Boston Blades, with a 5-2 victory over the Montreal Stars.


...as happy as Blades players and staff were to win the Clarkson Cup, CWHL brass were just as pleased at the steps forward the league has taken. In addition to the crowd in attendance, Canadian sports TV giant TSN broadcast the game, and rink board advertising and corporate support grew again.

...CWHL players will be paid a living wage anytime soon, but step by step, they are building the infrastructure for future generations to better appreciate women’s hockey... they’re already succeeding: a large portion of the crowd was comprised of young female players and participation in the women’s game has never been better.

“We’re laying a good foundation for the years that are ahead,” Andress said. “We’re branding for the kids and the community, so all the money involved goes back into the sport.

“I think it’s going to be great,” Murphy said. “I don’t really think the U.S. knows a lot about women’s hockey and when we come back and show them we were on TSN, that we won this whole league, they’re going to be intrigued by it.”

I was fortunate enough to cover 4 games of the seven-game tournament including yesterday's final. A lot of people shrug off the women's game but in my opinion, it is intense, passionate hockey that fans would enjoy if they gave it a chance.

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Team Canada defeats the U.S. 3-2 in a shootout, after coming back from a 2-O deficit, of the opening game at the Women's World Hookey Championships (WWHC).

Canadian Captain Hayley Wickenheiser left the game in the second period with an undisclosed injury. 


Yikes!  A 13-0 whitewash of Switzerland by by Canads at the WHC.  Oh well, no further comment necessary!

In case some were wondering why the Canadian women's team wore the black and yellow uniforms in place of the traditional red& white colours of Team Canada, look no further than the reason:  in support of the Livestrong Foundation and it's contributions to cancer victims & survivors, support, awareness, etc.,etc.

For many of these women, the dreaded disease has struck close to home.  Also, for them to wear the black and yellow uniforms (for just the opening game against the U.S.), represented their own tribute to those stricken with cancer and their courage in the face of it.

While many hockey observers may not have agreed with the somewhat "controversial" decision to go with these uniforms for just one game, all those associated with Hockey Canada including the women's coach Dan Church, gave them their unwavering support and go ahead.

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