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Interviews with two Leafs Front Office Staff


Getting answers from the Leafs’ newest front-office addition (Dudley)

Older interview: The former Atlanta Thrashers general manager joins The Night Shift to discuss his new role with the Maple Leafs and the 2011 NHL draft.

Dudley on Bill Watters show

Loiselle brings on-ice approach to Leafs’ front office

Assistant GM of the Toronto Maple Leafs Claude Loiselle joins Jeff Blair to discuss the Leafs latest moves and what fans can expect going forward.

Loiselle on Bill Watters

Seem like two pretty good guys.

It's a slow time of year so maybe you can get your Leafs fix with this - particularly Loiselle who gives some insight into what's next for the roster.

Those were excellent articles/audio segments! Thanks for putting that together CW.

I agree with the Captain, very good reads on a slow Leafs news day.

Thanks cw.

Dudley talks about his new role with the Leafs and Connolly (6:29 mins)
video of sportsnet:

audio on FAN590

Hey! Dudley can finally get business cards made!

PatPark23 Pat Park
by Proteautype
Rick Dudley will be listed in Leafs' publications as Director of Player Personnel.
2 minutes ago


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