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Morgan Rielly extended 8 years @ 7.5M

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Eight. Mo. Years.#LeafForever— Toronto Maple Leafs (@MapleLeafs) October 29, 2021
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7.5 is... I really hope the cap spikes up

Guilt Trip:
That's a fair deal and will age well.

Well that came out of nowhere. Not crazy about that AAV, especially for 8 years.

I also really wouldn't have just minded waiting on this one. If the team blows it in the playoffs again having Rielly walk could have been a necessary change, both on the team and on the cap.

He's 28 before this contract kicks in so it brings him to age 36.  I mean, his skating will continue to erode as he gets older, I guess that's an issue for further down the line and another management group if they don't win the Cup in a few seasons.


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