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The scary thing to me is that I still don't think we've seen him really dominate games in the way he did last season. He's getting the puck in the net, but there's been less of the "I'm going to score now" beastmode that we've gotten used to. I don't think he's 100% yet.

Leafs definitely sleep walked through that 3rd period. That will definitely overshadow everything else for Keefe.

General NHL News & Views / Re: 2021-2022 NHL Thread
« on: Today at 09:28:37 AM »
So why did they let go of Linus Ullmark again?

I'm not sure how much of that was the team's choice. If you were a goalie, would you want to stick around to play behind that "team"?

What’s wrong with Matthews.  Just checked the goal total standings and he’s only in 3rd

He’s a bum. Trade him to Siberia. ;D

Absurd. No way Spezza should get more than Pionk. Quality player “safety.”
No he deserved more...his was premeditated..Pionk's wasn't.

Hard to plan to be able to hit a guy when they’re flailing on the ice. Did Spezza lean into it? Maybe, but premeditated? Don’t buy it.

Absurd. No way Spezza should get more than Pionk. Quality player “safety.”

Non-Hockey Chatter / Re: Coronavirus
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To be fair, they also said the same thing when Trump was elected.

True, but at least then, it wasn't to escape "liberal" policies they found intolerable that we'd already enacted or leaned as left or further than the Democrats.

General NHL News & Views / Re: 2021-2022 NHL Thread
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Leafs Rumours & Speculation / Re: Armchair GM 2021-2022: Catharsis
« on: Yesterday at 11:22:12 AM »
So which useless 4th line player will the leafs be blowing a draft pick on this year?

Unless they move a contract out, the team will likely only be able to fit guys on contracts at/near the league minimum or with serious (likely double) retention.

I suspect we won't see much more than some depth/injury insurance type additions. Can't see the team going in for any of the bigger names - especially with cap considerations brought into play - and there's not a ton of super interesting mid-tier guys out there. So, I guess, whichever Coyote forward seems to appeal to Dubas (as the majority of their roster are pending free agents).

Marner on IR will create some nice cap space.

Only if he's expected to miss 10 games/24 days.

And even then, only temporarily.


Eh. I say let them have their fun before this version of the team leaves for San Antonio or Port-Au-Prince or the bottle city of Kandor.

I don't see the bottle city of Kandor working out for the NHL.  Travel is tough, the T.V. deal would be small relatively, and I'm pretty sure that Brainiac would make the lives of Bettman and Daly a hellscape.  I'm all for it based on that last point.

The Kandorian team would have a bit too much of an advantage in road games (assuming they can get up to size), unless every team installed red sun emitters in their arenas, and that seems too cost prohibitive for the league to make a real go of it.

Main Leafs Hockey Talk / Re: 2021-22 Toronto Maple Leafs General Discussion
« on: December 06, 2021, 02:48:19 PM »
Can't exactly call up a player who isn't under contract to the NHL team. There's a few steps along the way, and we likely would have heard some more reputable rumblings along the way...


Pfft. Holding the officials to a standard? Expecting them to have consistency within a game, never mind game to game? What kind of fantasy world are people living in? This is the NHL!

It does feel less and less likely the NHL won't opt-out, especially with Omicron rearing its head.

Main Leafs Hockey Talk / Re: 2021-22 Toronto Maple Leafs General Discussion
« on: December 06, 2021, 12:13:05 PM »
And that's the funny thing.  They all complain about McDavid's lack of calls but it's even worse for many others...since 2016/17 McDavid has drawn the 2nd most penalties at 191..Matthews has drawn 86 good for 102 on the list..

Yup. for McDavid, it was bad in the playoffs last year and you can make an argument he should draw a lot more penalties than he currently does (even as one of the league leaders in the category), but he really shouldn't be the poster boy for the issue.

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