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Now obviously we have no idea how he feels but just hypothetically if it was me in his situation I'd kind of feel bad. Like there is only so much money to be spent per team and he took such a huge chunk.

Did he deserve it? Personally I don't think so. How much better is he than Nylander? Not by that much.

Also because he took such a huge piece of the pie Kapanen and Mango are gone. The RFAs coming up on this team are going to get squeezed hard.

Which brings me to my second question: I wonder if guys like Dermott have some animosity towards Marner?

Now some might say it's on Dubas and I agree partly with that. But really Marner's camp had him over a barrel and there was only so much he could do. He couldnt let him hold out like Nylander because they were already so close to the cap.

What do you think?
Ok so if any of you hardcore TML lifers want to delve into my history you will see...I ain't a big Marleau fan.

But seriously, this guy hasn't impressed me. He avoids contact like it's the plague. He doesn't create chances. When his linemates create chances for him he often can't finish.

The only time I notice him in a good way is when the opposition's net is empty and he is working for his empty net goal. 

So what do you other Leafers think about him? He seems to fly under the radar because of the other talent the Leafs have, but for his cap hit he should be doing a lot more out there.

Enlighten me on the Marleau, please.
Main Leafs Hockey Talk / The Soshnikov
March 09, 2016, 10:20:26 PM
The guy needs his own thread.

Whenever he has the puck it makes me tingle.

Most exciting player since Phil Kessel...but he's better.
Main Leafs Hockey Talk / A History of Failure
January 21, 2015, 04:34:23 AM
Article by Siegel listing all the mistakes made by Leafs management in the past 10 years.

Imagine if the Leafs kept Steen and Grabovski to go with Kadri, that's not a bad group of centres. But instead they trade one for trash and buy the other one out....

Decided to start a League this year, it's called Kessel's Doublechin League League Id#67015. Anyone is welocome to join. First year I've ever tried starting one on my own, so if you have any suggestions for stats or anything let me know. Hope to get 12 people!
I know I wouldn't. A prick coach, clueless management, and a weak team that seems to be in steady decline.

I think that's why the only players the Leafs are able to sign are the old, broken types or these mediocre never-beens coming back for a second time. Even the crap players we had from last season wouldn't re-sign and I'm sure Nonis was ready to overpay for them. If the Leafs hadn't re-signed Bozak I doubt Kessel would have been back.

All in all a depressing time to be a Leaf fan.
Clarkson has been disappointing, but most people knew he wasn't good to begin with. 

For me it's Lupul. It seems like he has reverted back to the way he was playing when the Leafs got him as a throw-in player/salary swap piece. 
Anyone think Phaneuf will get a couple of games for that hit from behind? The Leafs seem to get the short end of the stick when it comes to suspensions the last couple of years. I thought it was a pretty dangerous hit.

Non-Hockey Chatter / The Jersey Thread
September 21, 2012, 11:16:42 AM
I don't post that often, but I stop by to read what other people have to say on here quite a bit. I'm living in China now, so I need as much hockey talk as I can get!

Anyways, didn't see a Jersey thread and thought it would be cool for people to post pics of the jerseys they have, their favourite jersey designs, obscure jerseys, etc.

Non-Hockey Chatter / NHL Gamecenter Live
July 24, 2011, 10:02:00 AM
Was wondering if anyone ever subscribed to this?

What's the quality like?