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EliteProspects with the various rankings available for public consumption

Draft lands July 7-8 (after the signing bonus day *nudge nudge wink wink*). Leafs pick in rounds 1, 3, 7 so it should be boring…

Ottawa’s 7th overall pick is in play for an immediate impact player.

L K:
1) Montreal
2) New Jersey
3) Arizona
4) Seattle
5) Philly
6) Columbus (Chicago)
7) Ottawa
8) Detroit
9) Buffalo
10) Anaheim
11) San Jose
12) Columbus
13) NY Islanders
14) Winnipeg
15) Vancouver
16) Buffalo (Vegas)
17) Nashville
18) Dallas
19) LA
20) Washington
21) Pittsburgh
22) Edmonton
23) Anaheim (Boston)
24) St. Louis
25) New York
26) Minnesota
27) Toronto
28) Buffalo (Florida)
29) Tampa
30) Montreal (Calgary)
31) Arizona (Carolina)
32) Arizona (Colorado)

If the Rangers and Edmonton advance to the conference finals the Leafs would draft 25th.  If St. Louis somehow came back and beat Colorado they would draft 24th.

Trade back to the end of the 1st + second/3rd round pick(s) and draft Filip Bystedt and Sam Rinzel

Trying to find a centre that makes the most sense at around that spot, doesn't seem to be a ton of them there in rankings. Nathan Gaucher from the Q would be the player who comes up most often in that area. More of a big, competitive two-way centre though, which certainly isn't a bad thing if he had a highly skilled centre prospect or two, but unfortunately that's not the case.

Frank Nazar is probable the pipedream pick to keep an eye on. He's kind of all over the place in rankings. Some say top-10, others say in the 20s, most seem to put him in the mid-teens. Would be a no-brainer at 25 or whatever, but probably doesn't happen. If he falls into the late teens or early 20s could be a guy to potentially trade up for.

Everything after the top 10 is sort of flippy-floppy around the standings. Some lists' top 15 guys are down in the 20s and 30s on other lists, and vice versa.

BPA, but if a tiebreak is needed, lean towards targeting centres. Pick any of these guys that fall to our slot:
Owen Beck
Rutger McGroarty (what a name)
Gleb Trikozov
Jiri Kulich
Connor Geekie
Marco Kasper

Guilt Trip:
Watched Owen Beck a few times. Like his game.


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