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Rick Couchman:
Hi.  I'm downgrading the server.  I pay about $110/month for the server that hosts TMLFANS.

I just can't justify those costs.  I've downgraded to a server that should still be robust enough to manage the forums.

The move will come between now and 72 hrs - best guess.  We could lose some posts that happen as the server company moves things.

I'm considering a Patreon account where I might ask for small donations.  And you don't have to donate, just if you can.  I'll let ya know that sometime soon.

Love ya all!


Rick Couchman:
Finally put this together.  Here's the DONATION page, for those who want to help out a little.

My first choice is #1, although I'd take anything. it all helps.

If I do get a few donations through Patreon, I'll eventually have a monthly giveaway - a gift card or something similar.

Cheers, Rick


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