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RIP...Doug Inglis


Guilt Trip:
Sad news in the Canadian rock scene today as Doug Inglis has passed away.


They played in Ottawa around 78,  my buddy knew Greg and got us backstage after the show.  We literally had to walk by 200 yards of young ladies who were trying to get where we were going.  We hung out and had a brew with the band for a short time and headed out past the long line of wanna be groupies.
These rock guys had it tough.
RIP Doug

Guilt Trip:
We had a few backstage with Goddo about a decade ago. Had a great talk with them. It was just me and my buddy. Talked music, hockey, stereos. Steve Shelski from Coney Hatch was playing guitar for them then. He was awesome and shared so many stories from the past. We ate Doug's chicken wings before he got back and he was pissed but laughed it off because another plate was coming. Great memory.


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