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Remembering Mr T

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Sadly, I too had a knowing about this and have come to grips with not talking to him anymore. It's heart-wrenching to hear the finality of it, but I'm relieved that he no longer suffers...

He was a great guy! He was definitely a man of substance and integrity. I will continue to miss him and think about him often. We hit it off from the first day he came to TMLFans.

RIP Chris (Mr T) you will be wholly missed and remembered fondly....

Oh my God. I had feared this was going to happen. RIP, "T." - IMO, the best poster this forum ever had.

Wendel's Fist:
Wow, very sad news. I didn't always see eye to eye with Mr. T when it came to the Leafs but he was definitely someone I repected. Thanks for bringing this to everyone's attention CW and condolences to his family and friends.

Rest in peace, Mr. T.

Although I never had the pleasure of communicating with him personally, I always appreciated his valuable contributions to our forums.

Rest in peace, Mr T. Thoughts and prayers are with his family.

One of the classier and thoughtful posters on the site. He will be missed.


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