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This thread is meant to replace the "Changes at the FAN 590" thread and to add discussion about TSN radio too.

I was listening to the TSN 1050 this morning (I gave Brady a shot for the first time in a couple months, but I didn't last very long after he actually started talking). Dan Shulman weighed in on the Jays trade - I really enjoy listening to him. The Richards show seems to do quite a bit of clowning around, but they get some decent guests.

Enter Steve Simmons. While I cringe at the name, he brought up the one name that I have been thinking about related to meddling parents re: the acquisition of Colby Rasmus - Eric Lindros. What does that say about me? ???

Also, good to hear Gord Stellick back on the FAN. Looks like the Andrew Krystal experiment is over. Not sure what happened to him, haven't bothered to do any looking online to find out. :)

Edit: So after that last statement, I looked and found out Krystal was fired. How about that?

Corn Flake:
Good call on the thread.

I've complained enough about Brady on the last thread, but basically can't listen to him for the very reasons you suggested.  His rants on twitter are equally annoying, although I'm blocked now since I dared to question his BS. :D

Richards is okay, but the clowning around gets odd.  He sounds like a late middle aged guy trying too hard act like he's 25 again.  Still better than the alternative.  One thing that bugs me is what seems to be random co-hosts who are on from time to time, can't tell who they are, and they ramble on about things I don't care about.  Continuity problem.

Peter D.:
I was thinking about this same topic as well today.

I was excited for TSN 1050 to start, and listened to them the majority of the time for their first month or so, but I find myself now listening way more to the Fan 590 than TSN.

I've really gotten to like Jim Lang.  He was spooky on TV, but I think he is great on the radio.  Brady on the other hand is an over-the-top whiner.  He's tough to stomach most of the time.  The alternative, Mike Richards, is someone I can barely listen to anymore.  He gets all creepy at times and those mock interviews have become ridiculous.

I can't help it -- McCown is way better to listen to than Cybulski.  The latter tries too hard at being a hard-knock; it still doesn't seem like a right fit for him.  I've even found Bob McKenzie to not sound right on radio.

I listened to Richards once and it reminded me, IIRC, of someone desperately trying to sound like Colin Cowherd off ESPN Radio.

HockeyCentral at noon has started up again and I got to listen to noted Canucks apologist John Garrett once again complain about the officiating in the Stanley Cup final.... great way to start off my lunch.


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