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Gutsy as heck to hold on. 
Oh the officials found penalties again
Martin Jones: I am the #1 goalie now
Reaves was also on the ice for that.   Every time he gets on the ice bad things happen.  His "dressing room culture" needs to be gone
Good job Keefe.  Keep playing Reaves after we score
Quote from: herman on Yesterday at 08:35:24 PMClassic Stutzle dive

I mean he slashed him and got the skate but I have no idea why he doesn't have more wrath of the refs against him.  When you breath on him he goes flying
Leafs should be picking up the pace, not getting worse
Was that a fall or a trip on Tavares?

Regardless yet another absurd save from Woll
Woll has been sensational.   
How do you pet a guy get that open behind the defense :)