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Another middle-6, but ideally 3rd line, centre potentially on the trade market. Colton certainly fits a Berube like play style. Fast, physical, good on draws, has just enough offensive ability. Avs are in a bit of a cap jam with uncertainties surrounding Landeskog and Nichushkin. Colton turns 28 years old this September and has 3 more years at $4mil AAV. 

Only issue is winning trades against Colorado seems pretty challenging these days.
Quote from: bustaheims on June 21, 2024, 07:36:07 AM
Quote from: Bender on June 20, 2024, 06:16:03 PMI did think Columbus was plausible until I heard they wanted to cut payroll... Also I'd be reticent to take on Laine for our first even with retention. He's a reclamation project like PLD to some extent now.

Also, if Columbus were to acquire Marner, I have to imagine part of the reason would be to play him with Laine to try to improve his value. A divorce there feel inevitable, and I know they're exploring that possibility this off-season, but between his contract, the inconsistent performances, and his enrollment in the player assistance program, his value is at rock bottom.

I also very much doubt that they would move Werenski in a deal like this as it'd very much be a two steps forward one step back sorta thing for them. If a Marner to Columbus trade were to happen, and again I'm not holding my breathe or anything, it would be a more futures (and cap space) heavy return surrounding at least 1 (but ideally two) of Kent Johnson, David Jiricek, and their 4th overall pick.

First time we've really heard anything about Gio since the season ended. Per his agent his hopes to play "for a few more years". That seems... optimistic for a defenceman who turns 41 this October.
Quote from: Dappleganger on June 20, 2024, 03:19:55 PMI have a hard time believing Marner would waive his no trade clause to go to Columbus.

With all due respect to BD, the whole "my friend heard this from a source" type rumours should have virtually no credibility but aside from that I don't think Columbus is a crazy potential destination for Marner.

Not TOO far from home, which I think will be important to him. Smaller market, again a hunch tells me is something he might/maybe/could prefer. And Columbus is probably in a position (desperate) where they're willing to offer Marner the type of contract he's looking for. For all 3 reasons it makes more sense than say a team like Vegas that everyone likes to connect him to.
Quote from: Frank E on June 20, 2024, 01:33:11 PMIf it's a choice, I'd take Bertuzzi over him.

I think both come in higher than I'd be comfortable paying them, but salaries being equal(ish) I'd probably take DeBrusk actually. DeBrusk at least has a solid defensive game and kills penalties. Plus a little younger, little faster.
This is one of those instances where there's almost zero chance the "right price" is what he ends up signing for though.
Quote from: cw on June 19, 2024, 01:11:32 PMI'm not sure he's ideal but I don't mind Holmberg either. I thought he took a step in the right direction last season. Flashed some versatility.

Holmberg to me is like the world's greatest 13th forward. I'm still not a big believer in him as a regular roster player though.
Quote from: OldTimeHockey on June 19, 2024, 01:01:36 PMMarkstrom is a wildly inconsistent goaltender. His 21/22 season was very good but he has been looking shaky since then. He shows flashes of brilliance followed by just awful play. Getting him for 4 million a year makes him a little more attractive but I'm not sure he's taking this team from a below 500 team to a contender. I think a healthy roster will be the biggest reason for their improvement next season.

I mean, they went 52-22 in 22/23 with Vanecek in net

They also lost Dougie Hamilton 2 months into the season. Jack Hughes, who was at one point looking like a MVP candidate, got hurt and wasn't quite the same when he returned as he was still playing through a shoulder injury. With those two healthy, plus Markstrom in net (who despite a rather average looking 0.905 Sv% was ranked as one of the top goalies this season per some models) they're poised for a massive turnaround.

Keefe picked a good spot for his 2nd coaching gig. Heck if they compete for the Metro title like they were supposed to this season he'll probably get Jack Adams consideration.
Quote from: cw on June 19, 2024, 12:21:02 PMI'd likely be very happy with that. I think that money could be better spent.
But they'd better have someone lined up to fill that role.
I'm not sure about Dewar for that.

I like Dewar in that spot. I always thought it was a little odd of the Leafs to give up a 4th rounder for him if they weren't going to play him in his natural position at 4C. Not that a 4th rounder is a high price to pay but it means a little more to the Leafs when we're already so devoid of draft picks. They also have Holmberg as a back-up. Ultimately if they did acquire someone else to push Dewar to the wing I wouldn't really bat an eye but I'd have him penciled in there to start, and reassess that later on.

Man, Craig Conroy is really not good at this trade stuff.
Quote from: cabber24 on June 19, 2024, 09:37:51 AMWhat a play by Tkachuk and what a terrible play OEL. OEL gave up on the play.

It looks like he may have thought the puck went in. Ultimately I don't think it would have changed anything even if he was engaged.
Quote from: L K on June 18, 2024, 09:58:38 PMNone of our stars have done anything like what McDavid is doing.  8 points in his last 2 games in a Cup Finals. 

While I share all the same frustrations about our guys, I'm not sure anyone in any sport could do what McDavid is doing right now.
Quote from: cw on June 18, 2024, 03:49:18 PMThe part I'm not clear on is how?

Well simply put I don't think either would be that difficult to move. Both are legitimate full time NHLers any coach in hockey would trust putting on the ice and neither contracts both in terms of AAV or term are necessarily anchors. Their contracts would really only be seen as problematic on teams who have 4 forwards already taking up 53% of the salary cap next season.

Of the two Kampf is certainly a little more overpaid, I never liked his contract to begin with, but he's also a legitimately higher end 4C in the league. With the right bottom-6 configuration he'd do fine, that just isn't happening here with Reaves stapled onto his wing which basically negates all his 5-on-5 defensive value. I've already said this but I wouldn't be surprised at all if New Jersey came calling if he was made available due to the Keefe connection.

There's absolutely nothing wrong with Jarnkrok's contract really. Even just using his most recent point pace, which was a little lower than typical, a 3rd liner who can get 15 goals and 35 points while also providing above average defensive and penalty killing ability would almost certainly get more than $2.1mil this offseason. For example per the Daily Faceoff Jordan Martinook is currently projected to get a 2-year, $2.8mil AAV contract and they're pretty similar players I'd say. If for whatever reason the Leafs were forced to move him for cap relief you're more likely to get something in return than need to give up a sweetener.
Quote from: herman on June 18, 2024, 08:51:44 AMMy shopping options for each
  • Matt Roy, Chris Tanev, Dylan DeMelo, Alex Carrier
  • I don't know, trade for Filip Gustavsson?
  • Elias Lindholm (probably overpay a bit) or trade nearly nothing for a William Karlsson cap dump
  • Michael Amadio, Sam Lafferty (lol), Kasperi Kapanen (lmao)

I actually think Gustavsson will be a sneaky good add for a team somewhere this season but I'm not sure it'll be the Leafs. Gus has openly said it himself that a big thing he needs to work on is his "mental mindset" to be a more consistent goalie. He seems to have a hard time digging himself out of the lows of a season. For obvious reasons don't know if Toronto is the best place to work on that sort of stuff.

One "cheap fast forward" I've had on my list is Brandon Duhaime. Former long-time linemate of Dewar with Minnesota (they were often referred to as Dewy 1 and Dewy 2 there), and the duo actually formed a line with Reaves for most of 22/23 after Reaves was traded there. He's basically a bigger/more physical version of Dewar while trading away a little offensive talent. But still very fast and has PK experience. I think he probably comes in a little more than I'd like to spend on a 4th liner especially with Reaves' contract on the books but still someone I could see Treliving going after, especially if Kampf is moved.