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Quote from: OldTimeHockey on Today at 01:00:05 PM
Quote from: Zee on Today at 12:17:46 PMI don't get the thought process here of starting Sammy against the Coyotes and then Jones against the Knights.  Wouldn't you have saved your presumed #1 for the more difficult matchup?

Does it not play back to the discussion we've had before about coaches playing their top goalie in game one regardless of opponent as the chances to win are lower in the 2nd of a back 2 back regardless of the starter?

I can't remember which Leaf coach had that motto. Perhaps it was keefe?

I thought Babcock?
Quote from: CarltonTheBear on Today at 12:18:25 PMIf Nashville ends up selling at the deadline I think acquiring a Carrier+Trenin duo from them could really round out the type of line-up we've had over the past week or so once everyone is back:




Trenin's a checking forward with good defensive metrics who can hit and kill penalties. Along with a returning Jarnkrok they could finally form a Kampf 4th line that can properly eat a ton of defensive minutes, which is key because even if that middle-6 forward group continues to play well they would still require some level of sheltering. Jarnkrok gets buried a little in this line-up which isn't entirely fair to him but he can still take shifts on any of the top-3 lines in certain situations to boost his minutes.

Carrier's an undersized, mobile two-way RHD who might not exactly be the ideal defenceman we're looking for but his defensive metrics are pretty good, he can kill penalties, and he can block a lot of shots. And if the play of the other two defensive pairings over the past week and a half can be counted on to continue then Rielly might not need a higher end partner to carry tough minutes since the load can be shared by everyone.

Alternatively a Sam Carrick+Ilya Lyubushkin rental duo from Anaheim could round out the line-up in similar ways (but not exactly be as good) if the Nashville duo is unattainable.

How do we feel about our C position? Feels odd to have Domi as the 2C...
Young players have no idea how to take a check.
Non-Hockey Chatter / Re: The Official TV Thread
February 20, 2024, 08:04:45 AM
Currently watching What We Do in the Shadows. Love the macabre humour and the fact that it's filmed in Toronto!
Bobby McMann shows idiot Bertuzzi how its done.
Bert misses the net and St. Louis scores. Holy Frig.
Love the noncall on Tavares there. So crap.
Nylander what a snipe.
Lol 8-1 damn son. At least they gave Gudas 2 for that too. Would love nothing more than that wuss to actually be a man and fight Reaves instead of choosing smaller opponents. Complete wuss.

*Edit: Frig that double minor.
Bertuzzi gets one because Matthews gives him a tap in. I'll take it but he's still trash until proven otherwise. Esp after hitting that post.
And Willy with redemption!!
Bert shoots it wide again lol good lord.