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Nice deal. Now sign Sandin to a similar deal, and sign a #1 Goalie...

Liljegren extended for 2 years, 1.4Mi avarage.

Congrats to Kadri, well deserved.

Yeah... amazing deal.

At least this time they gave it all.
Way better game 7 effort than the previous 4.
Best team since 93.
Franchise records in points

They can held their heads up. As hard as it is to accept another game 7 loss, this one don't hurt as much as the others.

C'mon boys, Leafs playing better... step up.

Go Leafs Go!!!

This is it. Play smart, play hard, play like it is the last shot at it. I want a good effort from start to finish and an insane loud crowd.
The Leafs are the better team on this series. They will win tonight.

Alright, I have a confession to make.  Everything since 2005 that has gone wrong with the Leafs is my fault. I figured it out, and I need to own up to it so that everyone here isn't questioning if it's their fault or not.  Now I can't take ownership for the '80s, '90s, or early 2000s, that's on someone else, but I figure when the team I cheer for takes 2 high sticking calls in a game they are leading 3-2, with ten minutes left, in an elimination game, where the team I cheer for hasn't managed to win an elimination game in their last 8 tries since 2018 and hasn't won a playoff series since 2004, which is in part because that team only made the playoffs once in a 13-year span and on top of that, hasn't won the cup since 1967, I figure some outside force, or a presence or universal power is trying to tell me something.

So I started to rack my brain to figure out what I have done to cause the Leafs and their followers this kind of perpetual dismay.  Then I remembered. In 2003, I made a promise that if the Leafs scored a goal in overtime for one of the playoff games they were in, I would name my firstborn after that player.  The Leafs did score in overtime.  It was Gary Roberts who scored.  Unfortunately, my wife did not like the idea of naming my son Gary, so he is not named Gary, and obviously, I have broken a covenant with the hockey gods.  So you see, the last 18 years have been my fault.  I'm really sorry about that.

To try and make up for it, I have told my son, that tomorrow, his name is Gary, and that is what I will be calling him.  I'm hoping it is enough to appease the hockey gods.  I understand that it is not what we agreed upon for the aforementioned overtime goal, but I figured in lieu of time served, it should make us pretty close to even. 

If that fails, and the Leafs are unable to win tomorrow night's game, I am not really sure what my next move is.  Do I have to divorce my wife?  That seems excessive.  Do I legally change my son's name to Gary behind my family's back?  That seems underhanded.  Do I consult English Soccer fans, Cleveland Browns Fans, and Buffalo Bills fans on the latest on sports demon exorcism ideas?  Do I reach out to Boston Red Sox and Chicago Cubs fans to see what tips and tricks they may have to appease those who oversee the unexplained blips and bumps that frustratingly occur at the most inopportune time of a critical game for the team that you cheer for?  I mean barring collecting all six infinity stones through the use of a quantum time tunnel, I'm not sure what other options I have here.  Again, I am really sorry that I have inflicted all this on you. I was drunk and desperate when I made that deal, and I made the deal without fully understanding the naming power dynamic of children that get born once you get married.

I laughed so hard at this... having another kid and pre-define the name Gary is out of the table ?

Game 6 was a mix of bad referees (on that high stick to the shoulder call), bad luck (on the OT goal that Bunting and Holl almost got it).
But the Leafs had the effort the resiliance.

I think most of us can leave with them eliminated playing really well, however those past game 7 efforts can't be tolarated (see Colombus, Montreal, Washington, Boston (not the 4-1 game))
Hopefully they will play in a dominance, penalty free, style and hammer Tampa Bay tomorrow. Leafs are the better team in this series, now lets just win this one boys.

Go Leafs Go!!!

MotM: Tavares
HM: Nylander

Matthews had a good game too.
x2. Tavares was a beast tonight.

This is handshake night.

Do it Leafs.

What a period.

Lets finish this off Boys...  Go Leafs Go!!!

I think they should go with a 1st line of Nylander-Matthews-Marner. Just put out your absolute best.

Now that Tavares & Nylander are alive in this series, I woudn't do that all the time in the game, as it is better to have 2 lines that can do damage and one that control and defend (Kampf/Engvall line)

I just want them to be ready from the start and finish this tonight.

handshake night... hopefully Spezza will give his speech before the game and they will play this one like they can exorcize the demons.

it will be lovely to see Cooper, after his team is eliminated, saying that they gifted the Leafs with the series win because they were tired of winning...

Go Leafs Go!!!

Campbell (that save on Kutcherov was by itself MOTM worth)

Good game by Tavares, Matthews, Marner, Rielly.
Nice to see the 2nd line alive. Now boys, finish this thursday.

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