Author Topic: The future of Leafs broadcasting?  (Read 907 times)

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The future of Leafs broadcasting?
« on: February 14, 2012, 02:42:29 PM »
You tech-savvy people out there may be interested in this:

The tiny antenna things blows my mind.  It also made me think about the future of the way we consume our Leafs content.

I think we all know that within 10 years most of the over-the-air content will be available via some kind of legal Internet streaming.  Rather than having to subscribe to a zillion channels of cable or satellite content we will never use, we are heading toward a business model where enterprises like this NYC one will off a la carte streaming options.  Some smart company will figure out that sports fans the world over will want to buy streaming packages of their favorite team(s).

So I foresee a time, hopefully not too far off, where I can subscribe to an all-Leafs Internet streaming plan to legally get every game no matter who the broadcaster is.  All this BS about blackouts, firewalls preventing CBC from being seen/streamed in the US, etc etc, will go by the wayside as obsolete in a world where there is a global viewing pool.  (How many regular posters on here are outside Canada?  North America?  Plenty.)

Nielsen ratings are currently a stumbling block, but one that can be overcome.  What if, as a condition for signing up for a la carte streaming, you agree to let them place a cookie-like thing on your computer that automatically pings Nielsen every time you watch a stream?  They would have absolutely solid ratings numbers then.