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NHL just ruled and no suspension


Patches ... what a crybaby loser.

Well that was pleasing.

And for the first time ever, I have to say - Franson is impressing me lately.

Always sweet to blow out the Habs in Montreal.

This totally makes up for the utter disappointments that were the last two Saturday nights on HNIC.

Phaneuf is playing solid defensive hockey and still to me is highly valuable. I personally chuckle whenever someone suggests that he should be traded or that he is not worthy of this team in some way.

I would like to see him scoring though. Its very peculiar how few offensive chances he has had so far in the season.

Scratch that. Attaboy Cap'n.

Phaneuf is playing solid defensive hockey and still to me is highly valuable. I personally chuckle whenever someone suggests that he should be traded or that he is not worthy of this team in some way.

I would like to see him scoring though. Its very peculiar how few offensive chances he has had so far in the season.

When is the last time Colby Armstrong had any impact whatsoever on an NHL game?

Simply dreadful.

I have no problem with teams running up the score. I hope the Leafs score a couple more, especially because it's the Habs.

There is no such thing as humiliating the Habs enough.......

No such thing

I love how we are playing the Habs right now. Some of the best Leaf hockey we have seen all season.

Kadri's hit there was incredible. Quickly becoming fond of our D as well. Holzer and Fraser have both grown on me. Solid stay at home dmen.

Complicated travel could affect the Leafs performance. Does anyone have the information when the Leafs managed to land in Montreal and if they had a morning skate?

WINNIPEG - The Blizzard of 2013 couldn’t keep the Maple Leafs from arriving in Montreal from Winnipeg on Friday night, braving high winds and blinding snow in the process.

I would play Holzer with Phaneuf tonight...

Holzer/ Phaneuf
Liles/ Franson
Kostka/ Komisarek

At any rate, the Leafs need to cut down on the goals against, or they'll start losing on the road soon enough also. Go Leafs Go!

Agreed.  Let Holzer loose with Phaneuf and lets see what the German can do.

Also really want the PP duo of Phaneuf and Kostka broken up. We need Phaneuf back on the right point on his offside shot.  Get Liles on the left for setup.

Main Leafs Hockey Talk / Re: Matt Frattin
« on: February 01, 2013, 09:30:58 AM »
Hopefully he still plays a solid game when the offense dries up.

Haven't been as impressed with him defensively, but its very apparent that if he adds this element to his NHL game he has the chance to be a very complete player. His offensive instincts show elite level.

He should model his game on that of Ryan Kessler in Vancouver. Similar players offensively.

Main Leafs Hockey Talk / Re: James van Riemsdyk
« on: February 01, 2013, 09:26:05 AM »
I said it in the GDT, but he kind of reminds me of Dave Andreychuk when he parks himself in front of the net like he has of late. (Big body, and soft hands)

I'll take that if his career goes the way of Andreychuk. He scored mucho goals.

Lets not forget, Andreychuk put up a 50 goal season for the Leafs. JVR is on pace for 46, but that can obviously drop off drastically.

The fact of the matter is that it does not have to if JVR commits himself. He has the hands, speed, and IQ to put up goals at that pace.  He is a 2nd overall pick - there should be high standards for this guy all around, from others and from himself. 

Like what I have seen so far.

Main Leafs Hockey Talk / Re: Matt Frattin
« on: January 31, 2013, 07:57:49 PM »
Ummmm, he is playing lights out right now. Definitely worthy of some discussion.

If him and Kadri were not scoring, we would not be able to withstand the loss of Lupul and Kessels offense thus far.

Creative player and I like how he skates. Always moving his feet. He has no doubt secured himself a spot in the top 9.

Leafs Media Rumours / Re: Luongo
« on: January 27, 2013, 12:19:33 PM »
Not sure if this was brought up already, but everything else aside, I'm impressed with how professional Luongo has been through this whole ordeal. It's an absolute crime this guy is wasting away in a back-up role right now, but he's handling it very well and not letting it become any more of a distraction to the team than it was inevitably going to be anyway.

I agree, an incredible show of thick skin and professionalism. I marvel every time I see him in interview.

Totally outclassed.  The lack of talent from the top to the bottom of the line-up was pretty glaring tonight.  Kostka has no business playing 30 minutes and leading the PP, and Phaneuf should be limited to 22-24.

Why Liles isn't on the top powerplay unit is a bit of a mystery.  Why is he on the team?

The "top-line" also played way too much tonight; when things aren't working you have to adjust - I don't know what game Carlyle was watching.

The entire game tonight was a bit of a mystery. Even Komarov, usually a beast, did not land a single hit of consequence.

I have never seen Kessel look this ineffective. I also need to see him and Bozak split up, as well as see him double shifted and playing with as close to "super-line" that we can muster on our roster, with Grabovski at centre and Van Riemsdyk on the left.

Carlyle was very much out-coached by Torterella tonight.

For the first time ever, I'm squarely looking at Phaneuf. I need to see more passion from him. I need to see him hit the net when he shoots. I need to see him barking on the bench.  He is not playing like an elite defenseman in his own end, and he is fully capable of that.

Main Leafs Hockey Talk / Re: Official meeting place of the Kadri Cadre
« on: January 26, 2013, 09:15:07 AM »
I don't want to start anointing him any sort of savior. He is still a kid learning how to play against men in the NHL. That being said, he has looked far more impressive than ever before. 

It is obvious that he doesn't like Wilson from all the praise he has for Carlyle whenever he gets a chance to spout off about it. Wilson was not a great motivator and I think Carlyle is a better coach and indeed has been a catalyst for Kadri resurgence. With that being said, Kadri has to realize that he was not the player in past camps and NHL games that he is now. Wilson could not trust him, and therefore was reluctant to give him too much opportunity.

Kadri has a chance to be a great player. He clearly needs to gain humility and get rid of his ego. The amount of times he will answer a general reporters question about the team and turn the subject to instead speaking about himself shows me a guy who is still very self-absorbed.

He is however still very young (I was pretty egotistical at the same age), and has to have a bit of swagger to keep having faith in himself.  It's a process, but we may be seeing the kid come of age.

Reminds me a bit of Mike Ribeiro the way he plays, although Ribeiro is way more of a weasel.

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