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Elitserieklubbarna kan sluta hoppas: ”Blir inte spel i Sverige”
Nej, Anton Strålman, 25, nobbar elitserien.

– Det blir inte spel i Sverige, åtminstone inte i början av säsongen, säger Strålmans agent Gunnar Svensson.

I stället ska den högerfattade backen, som är en drömvärvning för flera elitserieklubbar, försöka spela sig till ett nytt NHL-kontrakt.

– Han fortsätter på det inslagna spåret, det blir inriktning mot NHL, säger Svensson.

Strålman, som de två senaste säsongerna tillhört Columbus Blue Jackets är i dagsläget kontraktslös. Men han har absolut inte gett upp möjligheten att fortsätta i NHL.

”Beredd att åka på NHL-camp”
– Om det inte dyker upp något konkret de närmaste dagarna, och det ser inte ut så vi är ändå i mitten av augusti, så är Anton beredd att åka över på någon NHL-camp och försöka spela till sig ett kontrakt, säger Gunnar Svensson.

Bara om Strålman inte lyckas med det kan det bli aktuellt med elitseriespel.

NHL-klubbarnas träningsläger inleds i mitten av september. Vilken klubb som i så fall blir aktuell för Strålman är i dagsläget inte bestämt.

Not the best translation, but you can figure out what its about.

I remember back a few years ago he had some potential and some thought he could replace Kaberle, his stock has fallen quite a bit. I think he can be a steady NHL Dman, 3rd pairing, maybe fill in on the 2nd pairing for a bit of time when injuries hit others, maybe he is asking for too much cash/term.

Parents, if you're starting to think of enrolling your kids in hockey this season, here's a nice freebie from Chevrolet; as part of their Safe & Fun hockey program, Chevrolet is offering free Bauer 2100 hockey helmets to children who are 5 years of age.

To be eligible, your child must be have been born in 2006 and be registered in a Canadian minor hockey league for the 2011/2012 season. To register for the hockey helmet program, visit the Chevrolet website. Pre-registration is taking place until August 19, when full registration begins. After the 19th, if you have registered your child for the program, you will be able to pick up your package at your nearest Chevrolet dealer.

The package will have a certificate enclosed for your Bauer 2100 hockey helmet, which can be redeemed at the designated Forzani retail outlet in your area (including Sport Chek, Hockey Experts, Sport Mart, InterSport and Sports Experts). Enjoy, and play safe!

Read more:

Chevy link:

TEAM1040 TEAM Radio
by JoeNerfHerder
reports are confirmed via @mirtle of the #GlobeandMail that police have confirmed Rick Rypien has been found dead in his Alberta Home
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Too young, too soon, RIP Rypien :/

General NHL News & Views / 2011-2012 NHL Thread
« on: July 18, 2011, 07:14:07 PM »
The Stanley Cup arrived a few hours later than expected in a small southwestern Ontario community Sunday.

Thousands of people braved the heat in downtown Dunnville to celebrate recent champion Nathan Horton's win and the cup's arrival with a parade.

But Horton told the crowd at around 1:00 p.m. the cup would be arriving late.

Many of the people who had gathered for the event had already left by the time it arrived closer to 2:30 p.m.

The cup was late because it was left behind in Boston.

"I was a little disappointed about not seeing the cup because that was the main reason why I wanted to go, because I haven't seen it yet," said Caledonia resident Amber Eyre, who drove down to see the cup but left at around 1:30 p.m before it arrived.

She's also a fan of the Vancouver Canucks, the team Horton's Bruins beat in the finals. The loss gave her added incentive to go today's event.

"Being so close to almost getting the cup and then not -- I just wanted to see it."

I think the best part is the Canucks fan being so close to seeing the cup, then not seeing it, just like chomper and the Sedin sisters.

General NHL News & Views / Winnipeg Jets Thread
« on: July 18, 2011, 07:11:34 PM »
The Winnipeg Jets were busy on Monday signing seven players including right-winger Blake Wheeler to new contract. Wheeler signed a two-year deal worth $5.1 million total.

Wheeler scored seven goals and 17 points in 23 games with the Thrashers last season after being acquired in a trade with the Boston Bruins. He scored 18 goals and 44 points in 81 games overall last year.

Brett Festerling, Riley Holzapfel, Arturs Kulda, Spencer Machacek, Ben Maxwell and Kenndal McArdle also agreed to terms with the Jets.

Pretty good deal for the Jets with Wheeler, still weird saying the Winnipeg Jets in NHL transactions though.

Non-Hockey Chatter / Useless Thread
« on: July 18, 2011, 05:27:54 PM »
Never knew the small town I am from, is in the Guiness book of world records for something!

5. The Longest Winter Road in the World

Constructed each January on ice and snow, the ‘Wapusk Trail’ road has a length of 467 miles and links Gillam, Manitoba with Peawanuk, Ontario, Canada. ‘Wapusk Trail’ is the longest seasonal winter road in the world. It even got a Guinness World Records certificate. This type of ‘temporary highways’ have a crucial role in enabling goods to be delivered to communities without permanent road access. Warm weather forces the closure of the winter road staring with March, early April. Air transportation is an alternative, but it’s quite expensive.

All Sports But Hockey / 2011 Argo's thread
« on: July 15, 2011, 08:07:03 PM »
Owens with a 89 yard return and then on the next play, Lemon runs it in for a touchdown!

Currently tied with Montreal near the end of the 1st, 7-7.

Main Leafs Hockey Talk / Reimers new mask
« on: July 11, 2011, 11:31:05 AM »
Here it is:

Just kidding obviously, but that would be an awesome mask lol Can't wait until he reveals his new mask !Q

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