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couldn't win this series in one game..definitely can't lose it in one game ...i thought a few things go slightly different in the second and this game is completely different.  playoffs are about adjustments in game and in series ..let's at least see what game 2 has to offer before we give into boston's stupid game one "we want the cup chants"

Being so invested as a fan, it's hard for me to see things from a non-emotional perspective. What do fans of other teams think when they consider the Maple Leafs? I get nervous when strong teams like the Bruins or Lighting come to town. Is this what others are starting to feel when the Leafs come? I'm used to seeing our team play the back-up.

Boston fans on reddit are a bit afraid of our speed and Andersen getting hot at the right time.

One of the coaches we faced towards the end of the season remarked to reporters that he found it troubling to deal with our depth; I'm paraphrasing, but it was something like, 'They play Leo Komarov on the 4th line!'.

Cool thing is, I think the Leafs still have gains to be had on the wings (Johnsson over Komarov, Carrick over Polak if Zaitsev continues his stretch of surprisingly solid March play) and in loading minutes onto their stars. We can reminisce in horror about the 2013 meltdown, but our lineup had no business being in the playoffs, no business taking the Bruins to game 7, and they still needed injuries and a miracle to beat us.

Yeah everyone remembers the end of that series of course but nobody remembers that when the leafs came into that series nobody was picking them to win and definitely when the leafs went down 3-1 in the series no one was expecting a game 7 ..that loss has never really bothered me as much as it seems to most people.  leafs almost pulled off a bloody miracle that series.

The way the playoffs are structured either way we were going to be in tough.  That being said Boston doesn't scare me.  I think they're banged up.  I think they've piqued too early.  I think this leaf's team beats washington last year.  Sports are always about Hope, Doubt and wild speculation.  I know I am biased toward the blue and white but screw it I say leafs in five .....another way one may put that ...4-1

2011 to 2018 GDTs (OLD) / Re: Flames @ Leafs - Dec 6, 7:30pm - SN
« on: December 07, 2017, 05:25:11 PM »
i know the popular thing seems to think the leafs slow starts are due to a lack of preparation but I tend to think of it more like they adapt to teams.  The fact that they score a lot of third period goals seems to be a sign of that.  In either case they seem to outlast a lot of teams.  I also don't like how many nights they get outshot but to say this is the kessel team i think is a mistake.  even from the eye test that team had little ability to close out a game.  Last year this team seemed to drop a lot of games when the other team came back on them but they seemed to get passed that.  It's now to the point where it's frustrating to watch the leafs squander a lead but I no longer think that means they'll actually lose the game.  They've got work to do but I think just like last year they'll get better as the season goes on..of course so will a lot of other teams.

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« on: July 19, 2017, 10:02:43 PM »

I'm guessing it was just a protracted handshake.

Hey I used up my 10 free articles do you think you could copy and paste the entire thing here K thanks bye.

If I didn't miss the joke you can just step around most sites article limits by opening the link in a "private window"

marner vs. nylander for the gold can a leaf fan not love this

Main Leafs Hockey Talk / Re: William Nylander
« on: May 21, 2017, 01:02:27 PM »
If it's okay for cherry to go back and show videos showing every time he was right with a claim then i think it's also okay for people to point out every time he was wrong.

Non-Hockey Chatter / Re: The Donald
« on: May 12, 2017, 11:27:03 AM »
russiagate or whatever we're calling it these days seems to be reaching some kind of tipping point. If he keeps doing stuff like firing the people investigating the issue then I think it ironically only brings that time closer.

I think bernier proved this year what we already kind of knew already.  Mostly that he's fine if he's not the number 1 guy in your organization.  But if you need the guy to play a lot of minutes and be the go to guy he seems to stumble.  I don't believe this year has proved otherwise. 

Also as 'easy' as it is to go out and get someone of Freddie's calibre the leafs have done a fairly awful job of it for the last decade and some other teams in need of a steady hand have similarly failed to find these dime a dozen guys.  so I don't know.  I'll wait to see if he can continue to perform at this level or better next season but I feel like going out and getting Freddie was a good thing. 

I don't know how much making the playoffs effects the players but I have seen past leaf teams seem to have more trouble as the games became more important.  Whether that's due to nerves or the other teams just preparing better as the standings become more important.  I don't know.  I find it hard to believe however that overcoming that period of frayed nerves and tighter competition would be in any way bad for a team. 

I don't know how good this team is  I guess none of us do.  If you're in the camp that feels that this year was a confluence of good things coming together for the leafs at the right time and that next year they could be a bubble team again or maybe even regress a little then you'd look at this as a bit of a waste in regards prospects and such.  If you're in the camp that this team might be really really good all ready and this year was them learning how to play with pretty much an upward trajectory from the start of the season to the end then I guess you see this as opening up the possibility of being able to compete for a cup before you really have to pay this core some money. 

I want to believe it's the latter.  Time will tell.

don't even have to watch this game..babcock already said they're going to win it might as well take the time to meditate and prepare yourself for tuesday

to win the series they probably have to win tonight...that'll give them two games to figure out how to eliminate a team.

a loss would be logical but I don't know.  I think the leafs are trending in the right direction. 

Washington never should have let us back in this game.  Their advantages over us are in net and on D.  I'm starting to like our chances.  but even if the leafs don't end up winning this one can say it was a cakewalk


Getting Zaitsev back would be a big boost but I hope for his sake and ours, assuming he was concussed, that he's not trying to rush back. If he's still going to sign for 7 years I'd rather have him take it easy and return 100%.

Perhaps it has all been lip service but Babcock has gone out of his way on multiple occasions to say injury stuff is out of his hands completely.  They've definitely been projecting a kind of separation from church and state on this issue. 

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