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Rangers re-sign Brian Boyle to 3-year deal



--- Quote ---@AGrossRecord Andrew Gross
Brian Boyle agrees to 3-year deal with Rangers.

--- End quote ---

It'll be interesting to see what the cap hit is. I would have been hesitant to give him more than a 1-year deal, but if the money makes sense why not go for longer?

I think Tortorella really likes this guy and he'll cash in decent dollars with some term - probably no less then two years because he's a UFA next summer and north of Rupp's $1.5 (that seemed like overpayment to me) - I'd say minimally $1.7 and would not be shocked at $2.x (where x is low) because Sather spends like a drunk.

He can repeat his performance from last year, he'll be a really good player to have. His style of game is what I like in a player.

Contract details courtesy of Larry Brooks:

--- Quote ---@NYP_Brooksie Larry Brooks
Brian Boyle in for 3 yrs at $1.7M per...Only Dubinsky and Callahan, the two most challenging Group II's, remain unsigned....
--- End quote ---

A pretty good contract really. If he continues his performance from last season, it's great. If he falls back, $1.7mil isn't too much of a burden.


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