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I went to sleep when it was 3-1 Avs and thought the series was over.  How did they blow it at home?

Can't wait until McDavid signs here for $800K

General NHL News & Views / Re: 2021-2022 NHL Thread
« on: May 19, 2022, 09:16:01 AM »

I love when people put things like "former scout" in their twitter bios and it's like, well, duh.

Fox won the Norris and is younger than Chabot.  Um.

Leafs Rumours & Speculation / Re: Armchair GM Thread 2022-2023
« on: May 18, 2022, 08:22:07 AM »
- Kerfoot (1 year, 3.5M) is also a valuable member of the team as a utility player, but we could easily use this cap hit for 3 Marlies grads to get similar production.

I'm a bit confused by this one. You are not finding a Marlies grad to score 51 points while also being 3rd on the team in SH TOI for forwards. Robertson's got potential on the scoring side I suppose.

In this day and age you never know.  I see also-rans on Florida breaking through with big years and wonder why can't the Leafs have some guy that nobody expects suddenly break out and score 20 goals? (see Marchment and Verhaeghe)

Keep making the playoffs, getting home ice, and hope the guys push through.

OR purposefully make the team slightly worse to secure the 7th seed instead.

So you're advocating Garrett Sparks as backup and play him at opportune moments to lose games?  8)

Leafs Rumours & Speculation / Re: Armchair GM Thread 2022-2023
« on: May 17, 2022, 03:02:07 PM »
Also on a side note Bunting didn't do any better than the maligned Hyman.  That was disappointing.

3 straight years where a supposed-to-be linemate of M&M went into the playoffs injured, right (Hyman -> Foligno+Hyman - > Bunting).

I'm going to give Bunting some slack for his injury. I know the team was handling injuries in a smarter way with the playoffs coming up but the first few games he didn't look to be as effective getting in on the forecheck. 

Yeah I would easily move Muzzin over Brodie.  I think Muzzin is still more important to the team WHEN 100% HEALTHY but that's just not a reliable state for him.  If his playoff performance lets a team acquire him for something I think that's a good sell opportunity to free up cap space/maybe get a lesser asset.

Agreed.  I think the time to move on from Muzzin is now.  He had a decent playoff so I don't think it's too difficult to trade him given that other GMs covet experience and toughness.  Leafs could use that cap space.

Not super surprising (especially given that you only make a move if a better one is available) but Shanahan confirms Keefe and Dubas will be back next year.

Steady as she goes!

Honestly though, with a 115 point season and an OT goal away from advancing, I mean what can you do except hope internal growth + different mix of bottom 6 guys can get a different outcome next year?  Keep making the playoffs, getting home ice, and hope the guys push through.

Leafs Rumours & Speculation / Re: Armchair GM Thread 2022-2023
« on: May 17, 2022, 08:48:47 AM »
I usually stay out of this thread because I don't know what I'm talking about but:

Tavares can continue to take draws but otherwise it's time for him to Jason Allison it to the wing.  Put Marner on that line as center.  They were great together a couple of years back. Marner now being a shot threat might get Tavares more rebound chances.

Who replaces Marner on the first line?  In my damp dreams it's Kadri somehow but in reality try Robertson.

And yeah get a buzzsaw forward from someplace. 

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I like the idea of Marner with Tavares.  Johnny needs Marner on his line at this point in his career, Auston doesn't.  Matthews will get his points regardless cause he's just a moose with a great shot and took yet another step this season in his domination on the ice. 

Yikes. driver is okay, but yikes.

That's some scary crap.  Just going to a movie with his fiancee and that happens.  Car jackings are on the rise in the GTA, not good.

Maybe I’m in the minority but I would absolutely run back the same team next year. If they can somehow upgrade the goaltending, then great. I’m also ok moving on from Spezza, it’s been fun but I think it’s time for him to move to the coaching staff. Simmonds too but I think he has another year left.

This playoff format is complete horseshit. I don’t believe for a second that the leafs wouldn’t have beaten every single team in the east, especially the way they played. TB was the only team that worried me.

And if TB doesn’t roll through the east they should wonder what went wrong.

They'd have to be pretty creative in terms of upgrading the goaltending, I don't even know where you get that guy?  Would have to be a trade I suppose since the UFA market isn't so hot.

Trotz to Vegas makes sense, they're a team that's supposed to contend.  I don't see Quenneville going there given the baggage he comes with vis a vis the whole Chicago situation, but then again Vegas never does anything normally so you never know.

Koskinen's deal in Edmonton is done, they have $4.5M to roll on a goalie, I could see them taking a chance on Campbell.

They still have Smith signed for next season, only 15 guys on the current roster signed, and just over $7M in cap space to fill out their roster. They're looking at about half their available cap space taken up just by plugging holes at the league minimum. Without other moves or completely foregoing upgrades elsewhere, they don't have room to offer much more than the Leafs did.

Smith is old and more suited as a backup though, he only makes 2.2M too.  I get their cap situation, but I'm sure they would be the type of team willing to spend a bit more on goaltending given it's been a problem for them for several years. The Mrazek contract is a problem for the Leafs, if you can't get that $3.8 off the books, how much are willing to spend total in goalie costs?


Not sure how firing Trotz because the team needed a new voice and then replacing him with his right-hand man for the past decade makes much sense but here we are.

This is Trotz's butler.  He's basically followed Trotz from Nashville, Washington to NYI.

Interesting to hear him say that the Leafs last offer to Campbell was around $2.75mil and that he doesn't expect him back though.

There's still a lot of time for that to change. I'm also curious as to when that offer was made. I'm not convinced he'll get significantly better offers on the open market this summer - though, the goalie market could be very interesting, as there are a number of (mostly bad) teams who will probably be looking to add but not a ton of proven starters as UFAs.

Koskinen's deal in Edmonton is done, they have $4.5M to roll on a goalie, I could see them taking a chance on Campbell.

I'm sure the Oilers goalies will be fine if Calgary peppers 60+ shots at them.

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