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I still have nightmares of back to backs from that flyers series. And if memory serves it was also a night game followed by a day game.
Wait.. The one with that stupid JR goal? Ugh.

That was one of the stupidest plays I've ever seen.

Is there any reason to keep watching...?

Uh, yup.
I literally just finished watching the pilot episode of Breaking Bad for the first time so...

So, Galley thinks Andersen will start in the playoffs.
Galley has said some questionable things.

Is there any reason to keep watching...?

Muzzin with a bomb!

Well that wasn't encouraging...

I don't remember the last half season that the Leafs PP was this bad. They really need to figure this out for any hope in the playoffs.

Hoping we start seeing the Leafs assert themselves a bit more.

This is a really interesting debate.  Dappleganger has a point about taking scorers off the board (even if, like Mikheyev, their scoring has been more potential than actual this year).

Vs MTL, if Price is back in and he starts stoning us, then I would question having Nash in over anybody else who can score better.  We don't need an elite shutdown center to shut down MTL.

1) I'm not so sure it's true that we don't need a shutdown guy to beat Montreal. Suzuki would be the guy that line goes up against and he has 19 points in his last 21 games including 7 points in 6 games against Toronto in that span. He could be an x-factor for them.

2) Like I said before I think having Nash in that spot actually improves our offence on other lines. As a Leaf Kerfoot hasn't really shown that he can produce much offence as the 3C, but has a good track record of putting up points on the Tavares line while also being a good defensive presence.

3) Nash, if he plays like he has in the past, is a guy who will probably provide more value in the 2nd, 3rd, and hopefully 4th rounds of the playoffs when we're playing teams with a deeper offensive roster.
I mean, we've kind of seen what he did against us in the last couple of playoffs. Why are we writing him off all of a sudden because he's not an offensive weapon?

You can never win in this fanbase. Dubas is leaning to heavily on offense, defense wins championships. Why did Dubas get defensive specialists when we need more firepower from 3 lines?

General NHL News & Views / Re: 2020-2021 NHL Thread
« on: May 09, 2021, 11:15:26 PM »
I’ll buy the Jack Adam’s argument.  Navigating injuries and having a very successful season is a good reason for giving credit to a coach.

Agreed. There also isn’t a clear cut favourite for the Adams like there is with the Hart. Sullivan should definitely be in the mix there. I think it will ultimately go to Quenville or Evason, but it’s not slam dunk.
I'm thinking Quenneville. Nobody pegged the Panthers to be this good this year.

Lots of NHL goalies struggle in the AHL. Passes aren’t as accurate, guys aren’t in the spots they usually would be, etc. It’s harder to follow the play when you’re used to the way the game flows at the NHL level. AHL goalie stats are pretty useless as predictors for NHL success.
...except Freddie hasn't had much post season success here anyway soooo...
The team hasn't either.... I'm not saying he's been lights out but he's not the only reason for the lack of playoff success. Fred had one bad series and that was the first one against Boston and they still went to 7 games. Take out that bad year and at least 1 of the others should have been good enough to win a series. In that 2nd series against Boston Freddie had a better SV% then Rask in 4 of the 7 games.
Last 4 years in the playoffs...
Wash...2.68GAA, 916SV%
Bos...3.76GAA, 896SV%
Bos...2.75GAA, 922SV%
CBJ...1.84GAA, 936SV%
Anyway not going to argue anything because we all know it'll be jack's net and Freddie will back him up. I hope Jack can run with it, but if he falters, I hope Freddie can be healthy and good to go.
As soon as I heard Bruce Boudreau say that Freddie choked in Anaheim for him also that was it for me.

So, what kind of banner do we get to hang next fall for being Kings of the North?  I hope it's a giant Scotiabank deposit slip.
As someone who works in finance this is infinitely funny to me lol

Well, they actually pulled it off!

Well Kelly, who WOULD you like to face in the playoffs?
I was just thinking the same thing! Don't wanna face McDavid, Don't wanna face Hellebuyck, don't wanna face Montreal defense. Like come on.

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