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--- Quote from: herman on April 10, 2019, 12:40:06 PM ---Source close to Todd McLellan says the free-agent coach has not yet made his decision. Remains very much interested in both the L.A. and Buffalo opportunities. McLellan slated to meet with Sabres brass today. Kings, meanwhile, remain hopeful they can get him. We'll see.— Pierre LeBrun (@PierreVLeBrun) April 10, 2019
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I don't know why there is a sweepstakes for Todd McLellan, but there is a sweepstakes for Todd McLellan. Oh I know, driving up the price.

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As much as Buffalo has still some emerging talent and LA has declined I would still rather pick LA.

imagine making that Rask deal, watching how it played out, and then thinking it was the guys that told you not to do it that were the problem pic.twitter.com/sFZ65qp6Qc— nobody (@petbugs13) April 11, 2019
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He was Pheffer'd.

Todd McLellan is no longer a consideration to be the head coach in BUF. The Sabres identified McLellan as a candidate and had some dialogue this week but an offer/deal was never formalized/finalized. The expectation is McLellan may be the next head coach in LA.— Bobby Margarita (@TSNBobMcKenzie) April 12, 2019
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I’m going to dump you first before you can reject me for asking you out.

Guilt Trip:
I'd pick LA over Buffalo too.


--- Quote from: Guilt Trip on April 13, 2019, 12:43:39 AM ---I'd pick LA over Buffalo too.

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Yup. If both teams stink where would you rather live?


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