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--- Quote from: herman on January 05, 2017, 11:23:46 PM ---Bracco and Woll with Gold Medals!

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I personally blame Marner and McDavid for being to good to play junior hockey anymore.

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I blame Matthews, Tkachuk, Werenski and Hanifin for being too good too, only reason Canada had a sniff.

There are a lot of butt hurt folk on social media tonight.

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I guess we'll just ignore Crouse, Chychrun, and Konecny too, you know, since we're naming eligible players currently in the NHL who would have made a difference.

Agree with you about the butt hurt- it's a bit too much.  It always sucks to come out on the wrong end of a damned shootout though.

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Are we really going to boast about a guy with 2G 2A in 34GP?

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He would be back for his THIRD WJHC.  Experience doesn't matter?  Last year he was a point per game player at the tournament too.  Don't let his stats as 19 year old on a terrible team in the NHL tell you he wouldn't have still had an impact. 

BTW, I bet he still flames out in the NHL.  Many WJHC winning STARS have done the same.  Here are just a few Canadian ones:



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