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Main Leafs Hockey Talk / Leafs signed Zaitsev
May 02, 2016, 12:44:10 PM
The Toronto Maple Leafs announced Monday that the club has signed defenceman Nikita Zaitsev to a one-year entry level contract.


Lupul is back and Playing with Kadri and Kulemin in the battle for the 7th spot in the East, a win could pump the Leafs to the 5th place again. A loss could send then to the 8th spot, 1 point ahead of the 9th place Rangers*.
(*Rangers with 2 games in hand over the Leafs, and IF the Rangers win tonight).

Projected Lineup:

McArthur- Grabo - Frattin
Lupul - Kadri - Kulemin
Komarov- McClement - Orr/McLaren

Phaneuf - Holzer
Gunnar - Liles/Kostka
Fraser - Franson

No word on who will start in net. Update: Scrivens gets the start.

The Skid stops tonight, Leafs need to come out strong and hammer the Jets.

Go Leafs Go!!!

Frattin questionable for today game as he still day to day.

Reimer is the probable starter

Hold on Crosby, Malkin and Kunitz, Unleash the Kadri.

Go Leafs Go!!!
4 hours to game and no GDT ?


Go Leafs Go!!! Beat them!

Edit: Scrivens starts
Battle of Ontario, installment 2.


The Leafs gave up only 1 goal in the last 3 saturday nights, Scrivens is problaby in the net tonight.

Go Leafs Go!!!

If somehow Grabo is suspended today, Steckel should dress up.

Lets hope to play a road game at home tonight!
Leafs can still finish with the 4th overall, anyhow, our misery ends tonight.

Go Leafs Go.
Buffalo playoffs hopes gain a huge bonus as Washington suffer a 4-2 lost against Tampa last night.

Buffalo also has a game in hand over the Capitals and could tie then in points for the race once the Leafs ran... (Capitals hold the tie break)

The Leafs now hold the 6th overall pick and that can be as low as 3rd overall and as high as 10th overall.

Is that hard to not show up for 60 minutes tonight ?

Tank Leafs Tank!
The Lifeless Leafs visit the surprising Buffalo, who are tied with the Capitals for the 8th and final playoff spot.

The Leafs need a loss tonight to not gain any ground over Montreal for the #3 overall pick as the Leafs hold the 5th overall and still only 4 points away from the 2nd overall pick.

Go Miller Go.
Philly Goons faceoff against the Leafs, tonight.

The Leafs still only 4 points away from the #2 overall pick

scoreboard to track tonight:
Pens @ Isles (well, miracles can happen twice, right ?)
Florida @ Minny

Go Philly Go, I just want to see a Hartnell vs Phaneuf fight.
Tied in points, both team battle for the 6th overall pick. Leafs aren't eliminated yet (yeah, right!) or at least until the fat lady sings, so will Rita MacNeil sing tonight ?

Leafs are 4 points ahead of the 2nd overall pick with 6 games to go, is asking for a 7 game losing streak to put a dagger on this season's heart, too much to ask ?

Go Canes go!
So, last night all teams behind us in the standings grabbed points and the Leafs fail to gain any ground into the top 5 pick.

They sit at 7th overall, with 7 games to go.

After an stellar performance with 43 saves Reimer might be back in net. We all know that the Leafs don't play good in back to back games.

Call ups payed right away as Kadri scored a goal and the shootout winner and Hamilton had an assist.

Hopefull last night win was a fluke. Go Leafs Go?
Leafs hold the 5th overall choice with 8 games to go.

Kadri and Hamilton are up with the big club, as Frattin and the General are sidelined with minor injuries.

The Free fall continues tonight in New Jersey.

It is a tight race to the basement:

                       GP      P
5th Toronto   74   72
4th NY Islanders   73   71
3rd Montreal   74   69
2nd Edmonton   74   67
1st Columbus   73   53

Go Devils!
Ottawa just took the division lead from the Bruins and are red hot, the Leafs won only for the 3rd time since early feb.

Note to Burke:  See, BB, this is what a "retooling" process is, in only 1-2 years, a couple of capable goalies and the Sens lead the division.

Now, said that. Go Sens Go!  :o

The leafs can be as low as the 4th pick overall after the game. Hoping for a couple of 3 points games (Car @ Min and NYI @ MTL)

Keep Falling...
Early start in back to back games, Leafs magic Numbers are: 6 points back of Washington for the 8th spot and 4 points ahead of Montreal for the 3rd overall pick (parked with the 8th overall).

Who gets the start in net ?

Gustavsson is hot and only got beat in a sick move by Giroux in the shootout last night, but can he play like that in back to back ?

The Capitals are heating up and are alone in the 8th spot in the east.

The Leafs improoved their last 10 record to 1-7-2. and 2-13-2 since the colapse.

This is the 1st of the so called 4 points games, against teams ahead of the Leafs in the stands.

Go Leafs Go?
Carlyle in, Wilson out.

Leafs still are 5 points back of the dance (unbelivable after a 1-9-1 record in the past 11 that they remain only 5 points back) and they hold the 6th overall choice in the next draft.

Carlyle will try for the 1st win as the new Leafs head coach, as finally our prayers have been answer and Wilson got release from his dutties.

Hopefully Randy Carlyle can start to introduce a new system, one that actually play some D.

I Still don't know if I cheer or tank. Go Leafs Go !?

Here is the full preview. http://scores.espn.go.com/nhl/preview?gameId=400046824
Toronto is 4 points out of the dance and 4 points ahead of a top 5 pick.

The Leafs got handle by Florida last night, and as history shows, they never play a good back to back game. Chicago is in a fluke of his own latelly.

Somehow with a 1-8-1 record in the last 10, the season on the line, Wilson remains the coach, Allaire remains the goalie coach.

Here is the full preview for those that still care... http://scores.espn.go.com/nhl/preview?gameId=400047539

Go Leafs Go ?
Florida visits Toronto tonight as the Leafs are in a desperate need of a turnarond. perhaps now that they are 10th in the conference they will try for the playoff push like the past couple of seasons.

The biggest question mark still in goal, as Reimer needs to be the last year's Reimer for the Leafs to have any shot at a playoff spot.

Florida is on a race for the division top spot along with Washington and Winnipeg, and those teams along with Toronto battle for the final 2 spots in the playoffs.

The Leafs are 3 points away from the Playoffs and are 5 points ahead of a lotery pick chance.

Full preview: http://scores.espn.go.com/nhl/preview?gameId=400047515

This game needs to end up in regulation! Go Leafs Go!!!