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Former Leafs: Ex-Files / Dion Phaneuf
February 10, 2019, 08:52:02 AM
Dion was a healthy scratch in the Kings last game.
He understandably wasn't too pleased with that and spoke with both Desjardins (the coach) as well as the GM Blake. 
The Athletic has a good article about this .
IMO, thank heavens the Leafs traded him without retaining any salary.
With the trade deadline at the end of February, and with the usual names being thrown out  (Polak, Bernier, and Winnick),  perhaps this might be the best time for the Leafs to try to maximize their captain's trade value.

Say what you will about his mobility, puck movement, lack of scoring, penchant for penalties,  idiotic contract,    etc. etc.  etc.  there seems to be  a consensus that he is playing better than he has in some time  (maybe as many as 4 years) :).  And with Lou L.  picked as the guru of the Leafs, it may be the case that it might be a good time to try to get the most value in terms of picks, etc. for Dion.   In addition,  a trade  (even if some salary would have to be taken back)  might open up the Leafs for a potential signing of free agents in the next couple of years  (might it even be Stamkos?).

Hopefully, there might be some interest out there for Phaneuf, and if so, hopefully Lou is in a position to maximize his trade potential.

But then again, I might just be dreaming a bit. :)
With the upcoming draft, and trade talks ostensibly heating up, it is interesting to see what, if any, offers the Leafs will get for Phaneuf.

Reportedly, the Leafs were offered Weiss and Smith, from Detroit, for Phaneuf, but the Leafs turned it down on the trade dead-line date this past season.  Will the Leafs get more than that over the next few weeks?  Hopefully so, but IMHO the market for him might not be too strong, for a variety of reasons.  This might especially be the case in light of the apparent disinterest of the Red Wings now to make a trade for Phaneuf.

Again, reportedly, Nonis declined the offer this past year because he thought that he could get more for Phaneuf during the summer.  (And Nonis also reportedly had discussions with Shanahan just before he was fired that he felt that Phaneuf was one of the elite defencemen or at least could be one of the elite defencemen in the NHL).

I would suggest that the Leafs might be better served just trading him for the most that they can get now as he does not fit into their plans for youth and speed, and he also plays virtually every power play cutting into Gardiner or Reilly's minutes on the power play.

But it would be interesting to see what others might think of his trade value, since there doesn't seem to be a lot of articles right now about an imminent trade involving him.