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I will say Herdman was profoundly stupid in giving Croatia bulletin board material after the Belgium game.  Croatia loves to use stuff like that to boost their game
They did get their first goal and the tournament experience is invaluable to progression of the sport in Canada.
With Holmberg being fawned over by Keefe it seems like he is cementing a lineup spot.

I was looking at Knies and it looks like his production is pretty similar to last year.  What are the odds that he would make the team if he signs late in the year?

Could we end up seeing a scenario where a Kerfoot trade could have the Leafs adding  a forward and a defenseman at the deadline?
I really hate the diving from soccer.  Canada has been wildly outmatched and there was been two absurd "injuries" in the final 15 minutes where Croatia acts like they died to kill time
31 points in 23 games.  .674 PT% (5th in the league)
T-4th fewest goals against (although really should be considered 4th as they have given up 5 3on3 goals.  The offense is lagging behind a bit but with the injuries to the blueline and Matthews not really going off yet I think that will come.

This is really just a solid team.
The Leafs were 4-4-2 in their first 10 games culminating in an awful West Coast road trip.  They scored 4 goals once in that stretch and got outscored 27-30.

Since then the Leafs are 9-1-3.  They have scored 4 goals or more 5 times in that stretch and have outscored their opponent 42-29.
Bunting just made a great shot from Matthews look ordinary.  What an individual effort to create that play
Good deflection by Matthews
Hollowell hasn't looked as good tonight as last night but he's still doing some positive things for a guy that coming into the season had essentially no chance of playing in the NHL with the Leafs this year
The person who deserved more criticism was honestly Dubas.  He was stubborn with the money on the Nylander contract and had the holdout last way too long
Aston Reese holds up instead of delivering a hit on the forecheck and then instead takes his man down for a penalty.

Big kill coming up to keep momentum going into the third period
Matthews to Willy!!!
Marner does it again