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I can name a few but Doug Gilmour would be probably my first pick .
I'm pretty laid back about the Leafs being mocked in the past and I would let it roll off my back but lately I can't stomach one more bad joke and I think I'm going to loose it ! How do you deal with friends who are not Leaf fans ? I should avoid the none Leafs social networking websites for my own good  ;)
Main Leafs Hockey Talk / Standings- position
March 02, 2013, 08:04:05 PM
If the playoffs were to start tomorrow , 6th spot would ideal place for the leafs to finish at , only because southern division most likely be weakest out of 3 but I'm not saying its a easy division, more like our equal. I'm not seeing us going any higher than 4th and that might be a stretch but who knows . 8th and 7th spot would be toughest to be in to get out of 1st round with a win .Sorry guys ,no leafs hockey on so I might as well speculate  :)
Main Leafs Hockey Talk / Leafs Game Schedule
January 12, 2013, 06:43:25 PM
QuoteThe Toronto Maple Leafs announced Saturday that the team's first game of the 2012-13 season will take place against Northeast Division rival Montreal Canadiens at the Bell Centre on Saturday, January 19 at 7 pm. The Buffalo Sabres will oppose the Leafs in Toronto's home opener at 7 pm on Monday, January 21. All NHL clubs will play games only within their conference in the shortened 48-game season.

Saturday night games once again dominate the Leafs schedule with Toronto playing 14 times on Saturday (seven at home and on the road). The team will also play 13 games on Thursday (seven at home and six on the road). The Leafs do not have any games scheduled for Sunday or Friday.

The busiest month overall for the club is February (15 games) and the busiest home month is March as the team plays nine games in the month at Air Canada Centre. The Leafs will close out the regular season schedule with a game at home versus Montreal on April 27.

Radio and television broadcast information, along with single game ticket availability for the 2012-13 season, will be available at a later date.

Other Schedule Notes:

• The longest road streak of three games occurs from February 5 to 9 and April 20 to 25.

• The longest home stand of three games occurs twice (January 31 to February 4 and March 14 to 20).

• The Maple Leafs will play on consecutive nights on nine occasions

Check the full schedule herehttp://mapleleafs.nhl.com/club/schedule.htm

HOME GAME #1   Buffalo   ROAD GAME #1   Montreal
HOME GAME #2   NY Islanders   ROAD GAME #2   Pittsburgh
HOME GAME #3   Washington   ROAD GAME #3   NY Rangers
HOME GAME #4   Boston   ROAD GAME #4   Buffalo
HOME GAME #5   Carolina   ROAD GAME #5   Washington
HOME GAME #6   Philadelphia   ROAD GAME #6   Winnipeg
HOME GAME #7   Ottawa   ROAD GAME #7   Montreal
HOME GAME #8   Buffalo   ROAD GAME #8   Carolina
HOME GAME #9   Montreal   ROAD GAME #9   Florida
HOME GAME #10   New Jersey   ROAD GAME #10   Tampa Bay
HOME GAME #11   Ottawa   ROAD GAME #11   Ottawa
HOME GAME #12   Pittsburgh   ROAD GAME #12   Philadelphia
HOME GAME #13   Pittsburgh   ROAD GAME #13   NY Islanders
HOME GAME #14   Winnipeg   ROAD GAME #14   Boston
HOME GAME #15   Tampa Bay   ROAD GAME #15   Winnipeg
HOME GAME #16   Boston   ROAD GAME #16   Buffalo
HOME GAME #17   Florida   ROAD GAME #17   Boston
HOME GAME #18   Carolina   ROAD GAME #18   Ottawa
HOME GAME #19   Philadelphia   ROAD GAME #19   New Jersey
HOME GAME #20   NY Rangers   ROAD GAME #20   NY Rangers
HOME GAME #21   Montreal   ROAD GAME #21   Washington
HOME GAME #22   New Jersey   ROAD GAME #22   Ottawa
HOME GAME #23   NY Islanders   ROAD GAME #23   Tampa Bay
HOME GAME #24   Montreal   ROAD GAME #24   Florida
Main Leafs Hockey Talk / Leaf joke of the day
January 07, 2013, 07:05:10 PM
I would like to get a petition drafted by the members of this board to express are feelings and ideas on the NHL lockout and we could vote on the winning petition . I know there are members of TMLfans could pen this in their sleep , l being not one them  :(. We could post a link on every social networks sites. Just tired being unheard hockey fan .They treat us like we are like crackheads and that we will keep coming back for more
Little article by Steve Simmons http://www.torontosun.com/2012/03/08/nhl-could-force-cherry-maclean-off-hockey-night#disqus_thread it seems Burke is Cherry's loudest critic, hmmm I wonder why ? :D