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Remembering Sakura

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J-Ho Fan:
I too still remember the day I logged on here to find out. I remember opening the thread expecting it to be about her big move to the US :( She is still missed by many that is for sure :(

I always think about her on the 15th of July, it was the day I found out, I'll remember her every year on that date.

Miss you Sakura. :)


--- Quote from: Tigger on July 14, 2011, 10:04:56 PM ---I joined the site just after her passing, it was obvious then that her life had made a profound impact on many of the members here. It's a beautiful thing to see people here embracing her spirit.

--- End quote ---

I'm in the same boat... My thoughts exactly.

Guilt Trip:
I remember her. Very thoughtful person from what I could gather. I didn't know her as well as some others here, but she was special....found this pic...there's a happy Leafs Fan!

It's heart-warming to know how the human spirit lives on in the lives of others who never even knew or had ever met Sakura Handa, which would include me.  Wish I could have bantered with her online, because from what I've read, she is described a someone warm, encompassing, and compassionate.  The world needs more Sakura Handas.

Rest in peace, gentle soul.


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