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2021-2022 Official Toronto Raptors Thread

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L K:
I get it.  Every win against a good team is proof they are legitimate and every 3-4 game losing streak is because they are young.

The reality is this is a very shallow team with a bench that sucks and not enough guys who can score consistently.

Significantly Insignificant:
I think what has happened is that the world championship win has caused this affect where hop is being sold on Ujiri and Nurse's behalf so everything is being viewed through a positive lens.  That goodwill will get burnt through though of the results don't meet expectations in a couple of years.

L K:
We definitely don't have a bad organization with Nurse and Ujiri.

But aside from the Kawhi trade (that I think if you look at the context of Derozan previously being assured he wouldn't get traded and then having it happen anyway doesn't necessarily highlight the same Ujiri is a great man narrative) his biggest move with the Raptors was the Knicks stupidly turning down a trade for Kyle Lowry.

They turned down a package of Raymond Felton, Metta World Peace and one of Iman Shumpert/Tim Hardaway Jr/2018 first round pick. 

The Goran Dragic era is over. He's been dealt to the Spurs for Thad Young who might be a decent bench piece or might be moved later today. Who knows?

Full deal is Dragic and a Lottery Protected 1st for Thad Young, Drew Eubanks and a 2nd.

Edit again: The 2nd Rd pick the Raptors are getting is from Detroit so the draft pick swap probably just amounts to moving down 10-15 spots in the draft.


And the Ben Simmons saga comes to an end. What an interesting couple of teams the Nets and 76ers should be in the Playoffs. Here's hoping for a series between them.


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