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High 5s to Sammy, Tavares, Jarnkrok and the 4th line.
Should Wool be back in the 3rd or he should only start Monday?
My Leafs Playoff Wishlist:

- Win a series in less than 7 games
- Eliminate 2 recent years nemesis
- Avenge the Conference Finals against Carolina
- Develop that killer instinct when you are up 3-x on a series you close it next game with a shutout.
- A new forward, out of nowhere, is a scoring threat (Bertuzzi, McMann)
- Hot goalie streak for the Leafs
- Killing power play that teams will be afraid to aggressive play the Leafs
- Perfect PK in a series or 2.
- a Leaf Goalie still a series
- win 4 series

I am not asking too much.

Go Leafs Go!!!
Quote from: herman on April 18, 2024, 07:22:28 AMIf he plays with Domi (on a relatively cheap deal) all next season, he might hit 80.

Quote from: Dappleganger on April 17, 2024, 01:01:26 PMAlso, Liljegren has to go back to PP1 and replace Rielly.

Playoff Rielly is on another level, I would keep him on PP1
What I want for tonight is the 70.

Don't care about anything else. Actually if the Leafs are outplayed like they were on the 2nd period yesterday I think it will be more benefitial to this team.

But Yeah, put Jones in, let Sammy rest.

High 5 to Holmberg e Dewar.

Worst 2nd period in manking history by the Leafs tonight. Boston it is. Go Leafs Go!!!
On the Goalies, Matt Murry had a 6-5 shoutout win for the Marlies, he will probably play on the Apr 17 again as well.

Quote from: Dappleganger on April 14, 2024, 11:31:47 AMI don't think we know what Sammy we're going to get until game 1 of the playoffs.

One thing that really intrigued me is why can't the Leafs have both goalies on hot streaks ?
Why Sammy has to be awful to Wool to shine ? and Vice versa.

I just want a hot goalie shuting down the net in a playoff series for a change.
Quote from: RedLeaf on April 09, 2024, 02:02:37 PMFunny, I was thinking the same thing. Just hit 70 tonight , blow everyone away and take the pressure off doing it. Lol
Then the media will start can he put on 75 ?
I think is never ending pressure. I am enjoying record break after record breaking... Go after the 10 point game record next Matthews >D