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Chicago acquiring Marc Andre Fleury

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Guilt Trip:

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--- Quote from: Guilt Trip on July 27, 2021, 11:57:40 AM ---This could go sideways quickly and if he did retire, would Vegas be on the hook for recapture seeing he won't play a game in Chicago?

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Recapture only applies to contracts that were backdiving and 8+ seasons long signed before the current limits on term. They don't apply here.

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No prob. For future reference, these are the only remaining contracts where recapture applies:

J. Staal

After the completion of the 22/23 season, only Crosby's and Weber's contracts will be left. With Weber quite possibly being on LTIR for the remainder of his contract and Crosby almost certainly going to play out his deal, the whole recapture penalty thing basically ended up being a non-issue for everyone other than Vancouver/Florida.

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Awesome...thx again Busta

So Vegas really made this move all so they could add a $5mil, 32 year old forward coming off a 30-point pace season eh.


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