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Main Leafs Hockey Talk / Any MLSE posters here?
« on: April 10, 2014, 09:19:28 PM »
I used to have an account here about10 years ago but lost interest as the Leafs sucked for the past decade.  It was great to see the Leafs play well and make the playoffs last season.  But back then I suspected employees of MLSE would post messages here to either bash what some Leaf fans were commenting or to attempt to neutralize the negative views of the fans as to how the team was being managed.

There are some really great posters here who are clearly true fans of the team whose opinions are highly regarded and post intelligent, sincere and honest messages who do not deserve to be bashed by those who work for or are associated with the hockey team just because they cannot handle true and justified criticism of the team. 

Instead of bashing other posters do something about the team to make the team better?  A potential Shanahan hire is a great step IMHO.  Sure there may be idiots who will continue to bash the team even when the team is doing great, but we can take care of those morons ourselves.  We do not need your help doing that.






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