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Armchair GM 2021-2022: Catharsis

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--- Quote from: herman on December 15, 2021, 11:20:15 AM ---
--- Quote from: CarltonTheBear on December 15, 2021, 11:18:47 AM ---Dallas including one of their top prospects in Wyatt Johnston kinda throws off the value here. I really don't see why they'd do that.

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Honestly, I just wanted another Wyatt in the system and did not know he was a top prospect lol literally just looked at his lastest junior numbers and they seemed goodish

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Fair enough, he definitely sounded like more of a throw-in from your description hah. Won't pretend to know everything about him but quick glance shows he was a 1st rounder in last years draft who's currently 6th in OHL scoring so yeah probably not going anywhere right now.

Also just generally I don't see Dallas trading Klingberg (they have oodles of cap space so they'll re-sign him eventually) and I don't see Toronto being that interested in him. If closer to the deadline Holl is still playing like he is now then I could see them being in the market for a guy to play alongside Muzzin in tough minutes and on the PK and those aren't Klingberg's strengths.

The UFA market for defencemen like that isn't really great. Ben Chiarot is overrated and will cost an arm and a leg. Josh Manson would be interesting but Anaheim is comfortably in a playoff spot at this point (could always change though). Justin Braun would be kinda interesting. Cheap ($1.8mil AAV) veteran right-handed defenceman with seemingly good defensive metrics. Probably more ideally a high-end 3rd pairing guy but if Muzzin still has the ability to elevate those types of players (which remains to be seen right now) it could work.

The other option would be targeting guys with 1 year left on their deals still, in which case I'm right back on the "acquire Damon Severson" train (would be tricky with the cap though).

Guilt Trip:

--- Quote from: CarltonTheBear on December 15, 2021, 11:18:47 AM ---Dallas including one of their top prospects in Wyatt Johnston kinda throws off the value here. I really don't see why they'd do that.

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True enough but I don't see the Leafs throwing in one of their top prospects, plus a 1st without getting something decent in return, especially for a rental. I also don't see Dallas letting Kilngberg go. They will have space to sign him because they can let some old guys walk like Radulov and Pavelski. That's save them 13.25 mill. If we're giving up a 1st again it has to be for some kind of term.

No high priced rentals, period. If they're a pending UFA, the Leafs shouldn't be giving up more than a 4th round pick. I'm happy for the team to only add depth pieces and injury insurance types at the deadline.

David Pagnotta on NHL Network reports John Klingberg has asked for a trade from the Dallas Stars. “This is not something that has occurred recently, this had been going on for a little while, presumably when contract talks hit a wall and there wasn’t any remedying.” #TexasHockey— NHL News (@PuckReportNHL) January 7, 2022
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No update. Klingberg is looking for 8 years in the neighbourhood of $63 and Dallas isn't there.— Jeff Marek (@JeffMarek) January 2, 2022
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--- Quote ---Klingberg, Future Cup Champ?

Despite Klingberg’s two-year slump, I still think he has the game to be a difference-maker on a strong team. At a $4.25M cap hit on an expiring contract, Klingberg may well be the missing piece to put a contender over the top.

Is your team deep on talented Fs and left-handed Ds, but thin at RD?

Are you looking for a top-end PP1 point man?

Is your system predicated on stretching the ice east-west (on offense) and killing plays early in the NZ (on defense)?

Do you habitually swarm 2v1 to stop the cycle and recover the puck in DZ coverage?

If you’ve answered yes to all of these questions, then:

1. You have a pretty good team
2. Klingberg is the man for you

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Nylander to Klingberg and Team Sweden ties the game 1-1 #IIHFWorlds #LeafsForever #GoStars— Shayna (@hayyyshayyy) May 23, 2019
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