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Craig Berube named new coach of the Leafs

Started by L K, May 17, 2024, 03:24:13 PM

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I doubt they only started the process after they fired Keefe. But mostly, Berube was probably ready to sign, so the Leafs had to grab him or lose him. Due diligence can sometimes be the cause of missed opportunities.



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Brindamour expressed a desire to re-sign long before the playoffs.

The Leafs had to know that their roster as of last summer was not as good as the team that got knocked out 4-1 by Florida.

Klingberg goes down and Samsonov clears waivers - the Leafs had to know they were not a true contender. The odds makers and media pundits backed that as did their place in the standings.

They knew there was a good chance Keefe wasn't going to survive as coach.
Even Keefe knew during his last chats with the media before being relieved from his duties.

Shanahan and Treliving had a long time to line up their potential candidates to replace Keefe.



Yeah, it was Brad's decision to hire Berube, so why is Shanahan at the press conference?


Quote from: Zee on May 21, 2024, 10:12:47 AMYeah, it was Brad's decision to hire Berube, so why is Shanahan at the press conference?

Better yet why is he still employed?


Steve Simmons is one of the dumbest MOFO reporters out there.  His question to Berube "a coach is only as good as his goaltender.  Who is your goaltender?"

It's literally the first day on the job in the offseason.  Who the hell can answer that question?


A surprisingly good question from Rosie DiManno (I know, right?)

What does a Craig Berube team look like? How does it play hockey?
QuoteCompetitive. We don't want to get outworked, ever. We want to be highly competitive every night.

And it's all about the team for me. That's one of the things I really focus on, and that's part of building a team. Everyone is important on a team, everyone has got to be used on a team, and they all have jobs and roles on a team. That's a real important aspect for me.

We want to play a North game, we want to play fast, we want to be a heavy team.

When I talk about heaviness, it's not running guys through boards and fighting and all that stuff. The game has changed, but you still have to be strong on pucks, you have got to win puck battles -- those are priorities for me. Just playing predictable and North and playing as fast as we can.

Structure's huge. We've got to have structure in all three zones. That's going to be a priority.

#27 #TeamFasstholes


#27 #TeamFasstholes


You can see the obvious echoes of Treliving's first press conference when he was hired last May.

QuoteThis idea of the core four and all of those types of things — my job is to protect them, right? It is to protect them. I am fiercely protective of my players. But this can't just be about the core four. This is about the Toronto Maple Leafs. It is not about four players, or two, or one. It is about the 23 guys we are going to have in this organization.


The success of this team, or whatever challenges we have, is not because of two guys or four guys or one guy. It is about the group. For a manager coming in, I am pretty lucky to have the talent that those four represent as well as everybody else on this team.

And today:
QuoteTreliving: I think I mentioned it when I came in here, but the importance of team... It sounds motherhood-ish — it sounds a little bit cliche — but you need everyone. It is not about one, two, three, four, or five people. It is about a team. It is about the Toronto Maple Leafs. The outside can use all kinds of catchy phrases about core fours, fives, and threes, but it is about a team, the ability to build a team, and the ability to connect with players.

Now this isn't just Berube toeing the company line after getting hired. He has always believed this and his players in St. Louis indicated so.

Quote"It's all team-first with Craig Berube. That's all he cares about. He does not care about individuals, points... it's team-first all the way. If that hurts some people's feelings along the way, so be it," Bortuzzo said.

And it's in line with the process-driven approach the Leafs have sought, since Shanahan came aboard:
QuoteThe focus of the 2018-19 Blues under Berube was simple: Generic as it might sound, his players were pushed to compete to their highest potential.

"The game comes down to hundreds of little 50-50 battles. And (Berube) expects you to win more than you lost," Bortuzzo said.
#27 #TeamFasstholes


I'm not sure why Shanahan needed to be at this press conference.   This is the 3rd head coach under his unsuccessful tenure.  Maybe he shouldn't be at all of these things. 

I liked a lot of what I heard but it doesn't matter much unless the team plays up to that standard.   I doubt Keefe was telling the team to lose puck battles and not try to score.


Shanahan had to be there. Ultimately he is the boss.
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